How to get Cheap Food as a Student

Cheap food is a dream for any student in the UK. With costs of rent so high, and student finance stretched out, finding cheap food can really help to reduce your student budgets. Here are 5 of our favourite ways to reduce the costs of your supermarket shop, takeaway, or restaurant visit.


The official NUS student card, TOTUM, is a fantastic way to save money on all food! It gives you a flat 10% off your Co-op shop, which can really build up over the course of the year if you regularly shop at Co-op. It can also get you cheap food from a number of student brands, including Pizza Express, Las Iguanas, Pho, and more! Prices range from absolutely free to just £14.99, so it will definitely save you money in the long run.


Honey, and other apps like it, are a simple and free way to save you money on your online orders. Add it as an extension to your web browser, and when you order something online, it will automatically add any discount codes that are available. Rather than trawling through the internet yourself, it will do the work for you! You can save money on Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and many other food places using this app!

Supermarkets Reduced

After 6pm, supermarkets will start to reduce the price of many of their items to make sure they are sold before their Best Before date. This is great if you want to snag some good deals on food such as sandwiches or cereal. Research has shown how most food is safe to eat well after its Best Before date, meaning you can get cheaper food which still tastes great!

Free food deals

There are so many deals which allow you to get free food as a student. Did you know you can get free KFC wings just by downloading their app? Or you can get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut just by signing up on their website? There are so many of these fantastic deals to be had, so if you want to find out more check out our dedicated free food blog here.

Food sharing

A new phenomenon is that of food sharing. The peer-to-peer service trend is in full swing, with transport (uber), and accommodation (AirBnB), being just a couple of examples. But now you can grab food off other people as well! Apps such as Olio help you find free food / cheap food near you. If a neighbour has too many apples she can’t finish, or a restaurant made too much pasta sauce, then go and pick it up for next to nothing!

We hope you enjoyed our guide for how to get cheap food as a student. If you want more student content, then feel free to check out our complete student guide here. 




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