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B-side’s Top 4 hypebeast pieces and what to style them with!

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There’s no shortage of streetwear labels at the moment in London. London’s streetwear culture has exploded, rivalling streetwear giants from the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and Milan, but B-side’s distinctly East London styling somewhere between the kerb and boutique sets them apart.  With the release of their newest collection, Walé Adeyemi’s designs incorporates the graffiti stylings he’s known for with Neon accents and techwear inspiration. So we here at the Freshers festival are bringing you our favourite pieces with some extra style pairings to inspire a full fit pic, without having to talk to the Student Loans Company for an early instalment.


The MOTION windbreaker incorporates those Techwear cues we mentioned earlier. While that normally means: a function focused; all black; modern day ninja prepared for dystopia. The windbreaker adds its own minimal London fashion flair with its neon armbands for a pop of colour. Its sleek minimalism is timeless, so head here and buy nice not twice.

Style pairing: Yeezy 700 Mauve or Inertia

We’ve cheated a little because this is two options, but hear us out first. The chunky silhouette of Kanye’s yeezy 700 works well in contrast to the MOTION windbreaker’s clean lines, but picking a colourway to cop is always hard. The Yeezy 700 Mauve has neon hits in the same colour palette. However, the Yeezy Inertia has neon but will stand out more with its muted tones on the rest of the shoe. Either way it’s the perfect chunky dad trainer to complement your techwear inspired ‘grams.


Here’s a grail of the collection. The Rainbow Print hoodie’s minimalism makes it an easy item to match with a lot of outfits, but the letterman style is something we can all wear with PRIDE.

Simple, subtle, classic.

Find it here.

Style Pairing: Clear trucker jacket

Top tip for an easy way to make the rainbow accents stand out even more and be festival garms ready. A clear trucker jacket means you can always be repping and ready for English weather. Plus clear clothing is about as fashionista as it gets, and this one from Levi’s won’t leave you pot noodle bound for a semester.


An extra one for our Bsideldn ladies now, the MILY cropper is also for the function obsessed techwear types, but it brings our favourite design cue of the whole collection. The back has the word ‘community’ defined in its bold neon accents. Which is an ethos we think everyone can get behind (and its high fashion look helps). Find it here.

Style pairing: Straight leg denim

The MILY has tonnes of fresh street style flair with its asymmetry, neon, and ethos. It’s definitely a statement piece. So if you matched it with a lot of neon on the lower half, you’d potentially look rather 80s. (Yes we know the 80s is always a look.) Yet simple straight leg denim will keep your statement piece exactly that. The statement piece.


A graphic Tee is a stable of everyone’s wardrobe and the OG GRAFF Tee should be a staple. The graffiti letters spelling out ‘Be who you want’ brings UK streetwear and Bside’s Ethos to the fore with messages we all can love. Instant cop.  

Find it here.

Style pairing: Cargo pants

Again hear us out, the OG GRAFF T-shirt has a solid boxy fit that streetwear has come to love in recent years with the rise of oversized & vintage pieces. So the cargo pant has moved away from a rejected item of handyman or dad clothing. It’s wide leg fit and utilitarian cues have made it hypebeast worthy, with both PALACE and Supreme releasing cargo pants in recent drops.

Those are our top 5 pieces from B-side’s newest collection, but with a brand of 20 years they definitely have more pieces worth checking out here and to help your money go further use the code the code FreshersFestival15 at check out for 15% off!

Do you think we missed out an important piece? Or our pairing’s ill advised? (Cargo pants are the future). Tell us and B-side on Twitter or Instagram.

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8 Reasons Why Student Accommodation Rules

This article is in collaboration with Student Roost

From meeting making new friends, to helping you ease into living independently, there are many good reasons to live in a student accommodation for your first year of uni. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of living in student accommodation, and ultimately why student accommodation rules.


  1. Easier renting

Paying rent when you’re living in a house can often mean larger deposits and rent is usually paid for the whole year, rather than the academic year. If you’re living in student accommodation however, you only have to pay for the academic year and deposits tend to be smaller. Rent can seem a bit more expensive in student accomodation, but with utilities and facilities often included in the price, it’s usually worth it.

  1. All inclusive bills

Electricity, gas and water bills are paid as part of your overall rent price, so no chasing down housemates to pay their share. Phew.

  1. Better response to maintenance and repairs

Shower not working? Boiler broken down? Student accommodations are great at having a quick response time to maintenance issues. For instance, Student Roost have a 24 hour response rate. This can be a lifesaver in emergency situations, whereas living in a house may be more time consuming if you have to wait for your landlord or lettings agency to respond.


  1. Staying over the summer isn’t a problem

While you’re away for the summer to visit family or enjoy a holiday, you can still expect to pay rent if you’re living in a house. With a student accomodation like Student Roost you get a more flexible contract where you can choose to stay or go home.

  1. It’s safer

Student accommodations are usually on point when it comes to ensuring security. Student Roost properties are staffed 24/7 in all of their locations with CCTV and secure access to their halls. This makes student accommodation a relatively safer place to live versus a house, where your safety is mainly your responsibility.

  1. Locked out? No problem

If you get locked out or lose your house keys, a replacement while living in a house could result in a costly payment. While some student accommodations charge you for a key replacement, others like Student Roost give you a new set of keys for free.

  1. All those extra perks

Student accommodation often gives you access to free facilities like recreation areas, a common area, a study area and laundry room. Make sure to look for properties with a focus on resident events and perks like cinema rooms and barista style coffee,Student Roost do all of this for free!

  1. The People

Finally, living in a student accommodation is a priceless experience because of all the friends you make on the way. You get to meet dozens of other students just like you and you never know, you might make a friend for life.

Check out Student Roost’s property pages for more information on what they offer!


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The Do’s and Dont’s of First Year

Going to university for the first time can be both daunting and exciting. Here are some tips on to help you with the best year of university.

DO work those connections. University will open you up to a new world of connections that can be vital your future career. So get to know your lecturers, tutors, faculty staff, flatmates and classmates as you’ll never know who might help you out in the future.

DON’T be that flatmate. You know the flatmate that leaves enough hair in the shower to make a wig? The one with the mouldy dishes forming its own ecosystem in the kitchen? Yup, that one.

DO join a society or club. It’s a great start to meeting other freshers students and getting stuck into university life. Most unis have hundreds of societies and clubs to choose from. There’s sports clubs, political interest groups, clubs dedicated to cocktail making, music, dance groups, languages, quidditch…you name it! Universities like Imperial College even have a society dedicated to just cheese, so the possibilities are endless.

DON’T do all nighters all the time. Inevitably, you’ll be in the library at some point finishing a paper at 4am. But after the third or fourth time, you might have to figure out a new schedule for getting work done. Sleep deprivation sucks.  

DO learn how to cook. What better time to hone you culinary skills than at uni? There are plenty of online resources like BBC Good Food that offer delicious recipes that are quick to make, easy to cook and won’t hurt your pocket. If you haven’t got the money for groceries or don’t want to buy more ingredients, Supercook gives you hundreds of recipes based on what’s already in your kitchen. IKEA also do a great range of sustainable and affordable kitchenware to cook your new recipes in.

DON’T spend it all too fast. Having your own money is exciting, but be careful not to spend your student loan all in one go. A little bit of budgeting goes a long way.

DO sort out your study schedule. When Freshers Week ends and classes start, things can get busy pretty fast. Apps like MyStudyLife are amazing at keeping you organised, with features like paper planners, rotation schedules, reminders and task settings. Also it’s free. There are also plenty of other apps to improve your productivity which are life savers.

DON’T think you need to have it all figured out. If your career doesn’t match your field of study after graduation, don’t worry. Around 96 percent of UK graduates switch careers by age 24. It’s natural for your career goals to change as you get older, so don’t think you need to have a ten year career plan figured out in your first year. But that’s awesome if you do.

DO consider an internship. An internship can offer you the work experience you need before graduating. Not only will you gain some valuable skills that you can transfer to your next role, you’ll also get a taste of what kind of career you want in the future.

DON’T go overboard with drinks. It’s fun to enjoy drinks with friends, but always drink responsibly.

DO try dating. It’s likely that you might date one or some of the many people you’ll meet during your three of study. That doesn’t always mean you’ll end up together long term, but dating can teach you a lot about yourself and relationships.

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Freshers’ Festival is Back: The Biggest Student Event of the Year

As you’ll know Freshers’ Festival has dominated our student calendars by providing the crème de la crème of the city’s finest eateries, fashion brands, clubs, pubs, accommodation, job opportunities and more! This is why we’re psyched to announce the long-awaited return of the biggest and best event of the year.

After swarming George Square in their thousands last year, weighed down with goodies and grasping fistfuls of pizza, the city saw students from all walks of life embrace the best of what Glasgow has to offer.

Freshers Festival 2017

This year’s extravaganza will take place once again at the iconic George Square, 20th and 21st September. As well as an eclectic showcase of the fiercest attractions and brands in the city, there’ll be unique interactive opportunities for networking, careers and personal development.

And what would the Freshers’ Festival be without the freshest freebies, competition prizes and entertainment? We already have an awesome array of goodies up our sleeves including the return of FREE Papa John’s pizza as well as prizes, discounts and offers from the coolest haunts in the city. If that’s not enough you’ll also get to soak up some sweet sounds with our live entertainment, get involved in our new experiential zones, fill your bags (and buckets) with freebies and get the chance to experience, discover and celebrate student life in Scotland’s most exciting city.

Exclusive prizes and freebies

To avoid FOMO, make sure to download the event app yada and be the first to hear about exclusive prizes, goodies and showcases.

And if you’re keen for even more sensational city events, then check out the Freshers’ Fringe, a month-long festival featuring 60+ events from club nights and menu tastings to employment seminars, personal development workshops, shopping events and arts events.

Keep an eye out on GlasgowLiving for regular updates on all Freshers Festival and Freshers Fringe happenings.

So stay tuned over the next few months for more info on our full list of exhibitors (and of course their freebies), acts and exclusive competitions. Let us know what you’re most keen for at this year’s event by dropping us a line over on Facebook and joining the bants on Twitter.

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Videos That Sum Up Life as a Fresher

Learning how to manage that generous student loan.


Trying your best to make new friends.


When you eventually do get some pals and you annoy them with your drunken antics.


When you convince them to join in with your bad life decisions.


When procrastination is life.


When you think you’ve got to grips with this whole uni thing, then remember you have an essay due the next day.


When your tutor gives you a simple assignment and you somehow manage to mess up.


When you think you’re doing really well on your course and then you get your first grade back.


When you’re trying to be a responsible student for once.


When you convince yourself to eat healthily.


When you’re trying to get the hang of independent living.


When someone asks if you miss your mum.


When you’ve finished your exams and it’s time for summer!

But seriously, embrace your time as a fresher and revel in the frenzy of what will be one of the most memorable and simultaneously embarrassing years you’ll ever experience (I once puked on myself in Viper and then just carried on dancing) and remember to have fun, procrastinate well, stay safe and have the freshest time of your life!

You got a video that sums up your time as a fresher? Share your vids with us on Twitter.

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Scotland’s 7 Best Haunts for Clean Eating

Nowadays it seems like the clean eating fad has sprouted not only in the humble plains of our Instagram feeds, but in the most unlikely of places (Greggs introducing falafel salads and gluten free options is somewhat disturbing), and yet whether this surge in healthy eating is fad or not, it’s definitely not a bad thing when it comes to improving our lifestyle and over all well being.

In the last few months I’ve found myself munching down on foods that I had never before heard of, foods that sound like they’re named after exotic dancers (chia, quinoa, kale etc.). This is because I got sick half way through my third year, but found that changing my diet made a huge difference not only to my energy levels but also to my mentality. As much as it’s easy to succumb to the seductive qualities of snacks such as the Oreo variety, or in my case Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups when cramming before exams, foods that actually stimulate your brain and provide slow releasing energy are the best options to combat both raging hangovers and study sessions. So here are the 7 best haunts for clean eating in Scotland!


This petite sushi restaurant nestled in the nook of Edinburgh’s West End boasts authentic Japanese dishes, with fresh ingredients and a bustling atmosphere that attracts locals and tourists alike. If you’re a fan of fish and vegetarian options, Sushiya’s humble 22-seat eatery serves up mouth-watering tempura, sashimi and noodle bowls to fill your bellies and warm your souls. With an array of traditional dishes at reasonable prices, this is an ideal haunt for a protein packed lunch or healthy take away.


Highlight: Great for pescetarians and seafood lovers.

19 Dalry Rd, Edinburgh EH11 2BQ


Union of Genius

Many students are all too familiar with situations where our bank accounts don’t quite match our voracious appetites – especially after a study sesh in the library when our only bodily sustenance is a battered sausage from the night before. Luckily, Union of Genius delivers top-notch tasty food, with hearty and healthy ingredients and an emphasis on gorgeous soups and vegan breakfasts. With nearly 100 different soup recipes and options as well as soup sliders, this place is well worth a visit when you’re looking for guilt-free comfort food.

Union of Genius

Highlight: Soups and vegan breakfasts.

Forrest Road, Edinburgh EH1 2QN


Urban Angel

With a wooden clad, rustic interior Urban Angel conjures up images of vintage bistros and Italian delicatessens. Yet the classic is contrasted with the contemporary with exquisite brunch dishes such as avocado and ricotta on grilled granary, and home made gluten free kedgeree. Its ethos of delicious food is combined with fair trade, organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Urban Angel

Highlight: Locally and ethically sourced produce.

121 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1DJ


Prep Fitness Kitchen

If you’re struggling to find the time to rustle up healthy foods on a budget when dashing from classes to the gym to the union, then Prep Fitness Kitchen has got you covered. It emphasis on low fat, low calorie meals that are bursting with vitamins and minerals allows you to munch down on foods that aid fitness lovers and book-worms alike. Popular plates include the king prawn peanut butter satay and the cashew beef tabouli.

Prep Fitness Kitchen

Highlight: Prep meals for healthy and quick lunches.

22 Bath St, Glasgow, Glasgow City G2 1HB


Tchai Ovna

Hidden among the dusty books and Fleetwood Mac records of the West End’s notorious Otago Lane, Tchai Ovna is the ultimate chill-out spot to grab a herbal tea and a spicy, fragrant dhal. Allowing you choose your tea by country, alongside a vegan and vegetarian friendly menu, the stress-free vibe of this authentic teahouse makes for a perfect place to relax with a book or have a laid-back lunch with friends.

Tchai Ovna

Highlight: Over 80 varieties of delicious and healthy teas.

42 Otago Ln, Glasgow, Glasgow City G12 8PB


Avery & Co

Avery & Co’s warm and friendly atmosphere is apparent as soon as you stroll through its doors, with homemade cakes and hearty brunches as well as nutritious, fresh and natural local ingredients; this restaurant provides the pinnacle of healthy dining in Dundee. Its meals vary from creative vegan options like carrot hummus and crisp breads to Mexican options like soft flour fish tacos.

Avery & Co

Highlight: Low fat, natural and seasonal ingredients.

34 S Tay St, Dundee DD1 1PD



The always-popular Martha’s is a regular jaunt for city center folk looking for vitamin packed meals with a homemade flair. Its culture-crossing techniques span a myriad of continents, with generous lashings of ginger, turmeric, sumac and tahini. Whether you’re on the prowl for healthy hangover food or you need an energy boost before you start round two in H & M, this pleasant eatery provides healthy fast food for as little as £1.50.


Highlight: Breakfast egg pots.

142a St Vincent Street, G2 5LQ

What’s your favourite healthy nosh spot? Let us know over on Twitter!

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10 reasons to love being a Fresher in 2016

Being a fresher is a unique experience, whether you’re tentatively acclimatising to the hormonal and party-hungry vibes of student halls (and that weird furry thing that’s been in the fridge for too long), or settling into a new flat with old pals, you’re bound to experience a touch of nerves and a heavy dose of excitement (that will no doubt be encouraged by a couple of shots of cheap tequila). But fear not, being a fresher is better than it’s ever been. With an array of social events, new people and the bustle of the big city lights, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love being a fresher in 2016.


Freshers’ Fringe

Since you’ll find your freshest self plucked from the nest and placed among new people and a new city, a myriad of magnificent parties and social events are bound to beckon. So grab your glad rags and blue sued shoes and get ready to welcome the first ever Freshers’ Fringe, a three week long multi-venue, multi-arts festival in the heart of Glasgow. Curating the biggest and best of Glasgow’s student fresher events, a decadent discovery of unique and diverse parties and event will be at your fingertips. So if you’re looking for your time as a fresher to be memorable, make sure to get yourself along to the greatest student celebration of the year.

Independent Living

Entering the nebulous world of the frenzied fresher can be the most liberating experience of our lives. Since much of our youthful wisdom was gleaned from mastering mind games with our siblings, or rustling up the perfect cheese toasty at 2am without waking the ‘rents, becoming a fresher allows us the opportunity to carve our own path when it comes to daily routines, and to get to grips with independent living.

Although student living can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges (especially when waking up with flakes of kebab in your eyebrow becomes a regular occurrence), embracing the hustle and bustle of student life is an important part of growing up and experiencing life as an (sort of) adult. So when you return to your humble student accommodation at 4am with a traffic cone on your head – embrace it! Because fresher = freedom.

A new academic journey

The best thing about finding yourself at the beginning of a college course or university degree is the freedom to explore new subjects and change your mind if something doesn’t suit you. Nothing is concrete, and this allows you to relish the diversity of academic options, and find your passions.

Exploring a new city

As well as learning to navigate a new living environment, freshers are often plunged into the plains of a new city or town, forced to reconcile with their fear of maps and dingy subway systems. But reveling in the creation of a new life within a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting is exciting, as well as the spontaneity that comes with it. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal or an art lover, discovering new places is stimulating for your mind, and in many cities, your bank account, since student discounts and offers are just some of the many perks to life as a fresher.

Student loan

Sooner or later, your student loan award letter will stroll through the letterbox, announcing its arrival with an accommodating array of digits and decimals. These sweet digits will help you travel through the freshers’ universe, and give you freedom of choice when it comes to balancing those hefty textbooks with a mid-week burger and beer. It also gives you the chance come to terms with your finances and manage your money.

 Making new friends

Although life as hermit may initially seem inviting, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the shared living room of your halls is the first step towards making fresh friendships and new memories. It can be daunting being a fresher, you may have left behind life-long friends or be miles away from home, but giving yourself the chance to meet new folks and expand your social network is hugely important to understanding and navigating the challenges and triumphs of student life. You could meet the love of your life, or a new BFF, but whomever you decide to share that last slice of Papa John’s with, embrace the diversity of the freshers around you, and make the most of your new friendships.


As a fresher, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in unknown territory and nervously approaching new people and experiences can be a challenge. That’s why many students see their time as a fresher as clean slate and a chance to reinvent themselves. Although you may have spent much of your adolescence trying to forget that time you wet yourself during dodge ball in primary 4, this will no longer be the case. Being a fresher provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and find like-minded people who admire your character over your past indiscretions. Your journey as a fresher can be one of the most valuable and cathartic ways of presenting your best self to the world.

Fancy dress

There’s also another type of reinvention that you can embrace whole-heartedly as a fresher. Amidst the foam and paint parties that shower your first year fond memories and stinging eyeballs, you will find yourself in an array of embarrassing outfits that you will don in public. If it’s always been your dream to prance through your park dressed like Thor, then prepare yourself to have that dream fulfilled.

Joining a society

Joining societies, clubs or groups while studying is also a good way to socialise with people with similar ideas and interests to your own. This will allow you to engage in something you’re passionate about and nurture a hobby, as well as giving you potential opportunities to make new friendships or snazz up your CV.

New opportunities

This year’s Freshers’ Fringe event is the best way to find new opportunities and ways of making your transition into student life a little easier, and a little more exciting. With over fifty events across the city, there will be a plethora of interesting and unique events to explore including boat parties, employment seminars and a coffee roasting master class. So whatever tickles your fancy, the Freshers’ Fringe has got you covered.


 Make sure to join the freshers’ chat on Twitter for Freshers’ Fringe & Freshers’ Festival.




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Freshers’ Festival returns: bigger and fresher than ever!

The dawn of the biggest and best student party is upon us! The annual Freshers’ Festival is back, bursting to the brim with a magnificent medley of freebies, competition prizes, job opportunities, delicious food and drink, music and entertainment!

Some of you will remember a few of last year’s highlights: mouth-watering free grub and booze, the best DJs from clubs across Scotland, insane giveaways and prizes, free samples from the biggest Scottish fashion brands, live art and model scouting, advice from Scotland’s best bloggers, free pizza and mean karaoke! Since thousands of you graced the plains of Glasgow’s SECC last year, soaking up the fresh vibes and leaving laden with freebies and new friends, we’ve decided to up our game this year and bring the festival to George Square, to give you the chance to bathe in the bustle of some outdoor festival magic!

Whether you’re a college, uni or school student who’s looking to chill in the big city whilst meeting like-minded folk, Freshers’ Festival welcomes you all with open arms (and free Papa John’s pizza, of course). The two-day long event will run from 21st – 22nd September at George Square, and in the meantime, we’ll be keeping you updated with VIP goodies, giveaways and competitions on our social media channels. This year’s festival will see Scotland’s most popular clubs, eateries, venues, entertainment centers and employers as well as exclusive offers on accommodation and events! From discounts and freebies to employment, volunteering and networking opportunities, the Freshers’ Festival is the ideal way to kick-off the academic year in style.

So keep your eyes and social media accounts peeled for info on exhibitors, spotlight events and exclusive competitions. Feel free to drop us a line too and join the chat over on Twitter @freshersfest


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By Mina Green

Those of us who have experienced the honour of growing up in Scotland will be all too (sometimes painfully) familiar with the recent twitter trend #GrowingUpScottish. From translucent skin problems to Irn Bru to the phenomena of dialect and grammar (or lack there of) #GrowingUpScottish highlights the hilarious, awkward and endearing features of living and learning in Scotland. If you’re Scotland born and bred then you’re guaranteed to have a chuckle at these nostalgic gems, and if you’re new to Scotland then take these bite size nuggets as directions in navigating our rich and varied culture.

1. Trading in proof of your sugary drink consumption to enable you to consume yet more sugary drinks.

2. We forgot what the actual name is…

3. It was a brutal truth: you were playing with fire.

4. Ah, virgin lips. Peer pressure at its finest.

5. When punnies were the bane of your life.

6. ‘Tern on the big light will ye hen I can’t see a hing’

7. If you made the wrong choice, you knew you’d regret it.

8. Trying way too hard to be badass.

9. Yes, because as a 12-year-old the whole street belonged to you.

10. The refusal to be within such close proximity to a member of the opposite sex.

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What Kind of Fresher are You?

By Mina Green

When you live in a cosmopolitan city, you’re bound to encounter people from all walks of life – people you’ll adore, and people who’ll make you shudder when you catch a glimpse of them trying on suede hot pants in Urban Outfitters. The beauty of university’s rich tapestry is the eclectic combination of souls. Whether you’re a serious academic with a list of achievements as long as your arm (head-girl, long-jump champion, etc.) or a laid-back learner with the Inbetweeners credits as your mental screen saver, your character is sure to make an impression during freshers. Take a peek at our list to find out what type of fresher you are.

The Academic

Perhaps you were a school prefect, or part of the debating club. Either way, your interests span a number of topics outside of the regular Uni boozing and your main focus is to learn hard and get some shiny new As in return. You’re conscientious and hard working, and your peers will look up to you for your motivation and intelligence. While you do like to party now and again, you prefer spending your down time with a Pinot Noir circa 2011 and a hefty Oscar Wilde novel.


The Party Monster

Never without your sturdy hipflask, as a party animal you’re wild and untamable creature. Venturing into the depths of your local watering hole you’re bound to cause havoc. Your friends admire your carefree spirit but not so much your borderline-alcoholism.

giphy (1)

The Parent

Now you’re all up for having a good time, but cleaning up Lambrini vomit from the kitchen sink is not your idea of fun. You make sure you’re sensible when it comes to drinking and being safe, and your mates are grateful for your help when they can’t help themselves. Wise beyond your years, you’re always there for anyone in need of advice. You’re also great at making poached eggs (you know you’re an adult when you can rustle up a shockingly good poached egg).



The Enthusiast

Hurtling down student halls half cut or making new friends in the nightclub bathroom, whatever you do you do enthusiastically. Everything is AMAZING and AWESOME and your sunny positivity tends to rub off on those around you. Starting university is a fun time in your life, and you make sure you appreciate every minute of it.


The Village Kid

Hailing from a teeny tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you could count a rolling hay bail among your list of friends. Coming from a place where you know the postman’s name, it’s difficult moving to a city where you suddenly become anonymous. You relish the freedom the city provides, but sometimes miss your community and support network back home.  Despite your sheltered background, you’re open to learning new things and discovering what uni life has to offer.



The Scrooge

Uni halls come all inclusive: heating, water, laundry. You make sure you take advantage of every penny that you (or your parents) are spending. Taking hour-long showers are just common sense if you want to make the most of your dollar, so is converting your room into a Swedish sauna during the Winter months. When you encounter freebies or amazing promos you get so excited a little bit of wee comes out.


The Lone Rider

You know what you like and you like what you know. You prefer to not involve yourself in large social events or unfamiliar situations. It’s too much hassle and to much noise. You prefer having a few drinks with your close friends and chatting about things that interest you. You don’t have the patience for a ‘lads night out’ as your gentle and humble demeanor can’t take the hype. Your friends respect your Zen energy and your confidence in the comfort of solitude.


The Idle

You like to be out all night and sleep all day. As a nocturnal being who relishes the comfort of the darkness, you are hesitant to embrace the light of day and face that pile of dirty dishes with stuff growing on them. You find peace in chaos. Scattered between Netflix binges and Domino’s you find the time to attend a lecture or two. Others envy your laid-back attitude to life, but not your laid-back attitude to taking the bins out.


The Couple  

You’re two halves of the same whole. Attached at the hip and with an instinct telepathic relationship you don’t go anywhere without each other. Whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been dating since you were 13, you sprinkle the essence of your infatuation everywhere you go. And although sometimes your Disney-esque bliss can be overwhelming for others, you make the best of your young love – this means doing a Greggs run for your hungover other half. Now that’s the epitome of true love.


The Aristocrat

Despite the fact that your private school endeavours have proved to be starkly different from university life, you still enjoy reaping the benefits of your lavish lifestyle. You shop at Waitrose and don Abercrombie and Fitch, but this doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy pre-drinks with a bottle of bucky (well, after a Hendricks and tonic).

Stephen Fry