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Try Before You Buy Student Accommodation?

Yup, you read it correctly. In what we think is a first in the Student Accommodation world, Student Roost are offering a free two night stay at the new St Mungo’s accommodation in Glasgow. You can even bring your friends and parents along.

We’re guessing they’re confident you’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay.

Students are invited to ‘try before you buy’ at St Mungo’s, which is set to open this September. The accommodation comes complete with studio and en suite bedrooms, a gym, study area, cinema room, housekeeping and of course the all essential high speed WiFi. Utility bills are also included in the rent price which starts at £139 per week.

The two night stay will include a taster of year round events involving socials, fitness events, cookery and wellbeing.

We definitely think it’s worth checking out, at the very least it could be a free night out for you and your mates.

You can take a cheeky 360° virtual tour of St Mungo’s before you visit and find out more about what else St Mungos has to offerIf you do go be sure to let us know what your experience was like!

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Scotland’s 6 Best Millennial Bloggers & Vloggers

Home to the likes of J.K Rowling, Irvine Welsh and Robert Louis Stevenson, Scotland is a pioneer in the wizardry of the wordsmith and the landscape of global literature.

And since the digital age has brought with it the Kindle, iBooks and heaps of online access to poetry and short story archives, it’s time to turn to the writers governing the tummies, shoe collections and minds of the nation’s young folk.

So whether you’re keen on recipes and nutritional advice or ways to style your beard, we give you Scotland’s six of our favourite (and in our opinion best) millennial bloggers and vloggers.

Scottish Food Blogger

Girl Versus Food


Offering detailed and relatable reviews, tasty recipes and commentary on Scotland’s food and drink scene, Girl Versus Food encapsulates the nation’s love for a good munch, passionately exploring eateries and events from the perspective of a self-proclaimed former fussy eater. A great read if you’re unsure about forking out a chunk of your SAAS to visit a new local restaurant and want some trusted opinions.

Lifestyle Blogger

Little Blog of Horrors  

Having been featured widely across the press since the blog’s birth seven years ago, Little Blog of Horrors is an endearing and inspiring celebration of fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Scotland, with must-try DIY’s, travel features, fashion advice and make-up and tattoo tips, peppered with anecdotes and a heavy dose of banter.

 Scottish Makeup Influencer

Jamie Genevieve 

As a full time Social Media Influencer, with nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube and over 800 thousand followers on Instagram, Jamie is a leading beauty icon around the world, focussing on make-up tutorials and skin care advice with a Scottish twang.

Scottish Music Blog

Rave Child

Founded by Iain Dawson, Rave Child dissects the nation’s music scene to uncover raw talent beneath the mainstream surface, with live reviews and gig recommendations. The ideal read for discovering fresh talent and keeping up with the unique and eclectic corners of Scotland’s soundscapes.

 Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber

Man for Himself


Since fashion blogs for men aren’t as prevalent as those run by female fashionistas, Man for Himself is a refreshing take on male fashion, showcasing advice on grooming and style, from accessories footwear and fragrances to outfits and even underwear. Robin James, the voice behind the blog, offers YouTube videos with discussions on fashion and grooming as well as exploring issues in the millennial zeitgeist.

Scottish Fashion PR & Lifestyle Blogger

Foreveryours Betty 

With vibrant tangerine branding and even brighter hair, Foreveryours Betty covers city guides, fashion and beauty tips and even valuable advice on women in business. Her down-to-earth, can-do attitude is both inspiring and humbling.

Do you have a fave millennial blogger? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Or if you’re keen to meet other like-minded folks keen on digital reads, grab a ticket to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.

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5 Stunning Day Trips to Make from Glasgow

Glasgow is a city teeming with eclectic historical, cultural and cosmopolitan happenings, with bustling crowds gathering nightly in waterholes around the city to relish the music, theatre and arts scenes accompanied by a dram (or five). But sometimes us city-dwellers crave the fresh air of the countryside and the peace of Scotland’s lochs, mountains and forests. So if you find yourself with minimal studying to do and a weekend free with pals, take a jaunt to these five stunning locations for a day trip from Glasgow.


The Devils Pulpit

As featured in Outlander, The Devils Pulpit is a gorgeous gorge hidden in the serene landscape just south of Dryman on the A809, a stone’s throw from Loch Lomond. Its whisky hued waters and magical moss walls make for a spooky and fairytale-esque adventure, complete with dancing waterfalls. Though a bit of a slippery and muddy trek, this stunning nook is a little known gem and definitely worth a visit.


Balmaha, Loch Lomond

Crisp waters and pebbled beaches dominate this breathtaking spot along the east coast of Loch Lomond. Bring a picnic or visit one of the local pubs and bask in the fresh air and tranquil waves at Milarocchy Bay. Its peaceful and calming demeanor is sure to revitalise during stressful exam periods or when tackling the dreaded dissertation.


Bracklinn Falls, Callander

A series of waterfalls to the north east of Callander, Bracklinn Falls takes you on an idyllic walk through woodland and foaming rivers. Overlook the waterfalls on the geometric bridge cast-iron bridge, originally built in the 1870s for Queen Victoria, and marvel at the peat tinged waters and wildlife.


Isle of Arran

Jump on a train to Stranraer from Glasgow Central and hop on the ferry over to Arran for a taste of the nation’s countless islands, rolling hills and quaint inns. Visit Brodick castle, garden and Country Park and revel in the island’s unique history, or camp beneath the towering moors of Goat Fell.


Stirling Castle

One of Scotland’s most cherished castles, due to its rich historical and architectural features, Stirling Castle makes for thrilling day out for history buffs. Explore the Great Hall, built for King James IV in 1503, the tapestries and the Castle Exhibition, which tells the story of the fortress from its earliest existence to modern day. You can even sample some sweet sounds from the likes of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, who perform in the castle for their summer concerts.


Where are you most keen to visit? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Win one of 10 tickets to Glasgow Comic con!

Do you like dressing up as Wonder woman in your spare time? Do you consider yourself a comic book aficionado? Ever wondered what it would be like to meet your superheros in real life?

Well, look no further! MCM Comic Con is offering you lucky students the chance to win ONE of TEN tickets to Glasgow’s Comic Con at the SECC 24th – 25th September!

Glasgow’s Comic Con is a huge celebration of modern pop culture where you can take part in eSports competitions, explore a Comic Village packed with artists and writers, enjoy colourful costumes in the Cosplay Masquerade and meet special guests from the worlds of TV and film including Chris Barrie, Meg Turney, Sylvester MccCoy and more!

MCM Comic Con events are the UK’s largest and most exciting pop culture shows, and the only UK based shows that bring together such a broad scope of popular culture categories including; Movies, Gaming, Comics, Anime, Television Shows, Gadgets, Clothing and Toys

To enter the competition simply follow and re-tweet and be in for the chance to win a ticket to one of the biggest events in the city! Deadline 19th September 1pm.


Last September, over 25,000 pop culture fans filled the SECC and this year is set to be even bigger! So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and keep an eye on the MCM Comic Con Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

‘Sometimes it’s only madness that makes us what we are’ – Batman

Terms and conditions: UK residents only. Over 18s only. Only one entry per applicant permitted. No purchase necessary. The competition runs until 19th September. Entries received after the closing date cannot be considered, winners will be announced via Freshers’ Festival Twitter. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. Entry into the competition is acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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Off The Beaten Track: Unique Places to Visit in Scotland

Cerulean skies cloak a landscape dappled with oak trees and thistles, the sorrowful moan of bagpipes ricochets beneath the castle walls and the air is crisp and clean with the smell of cattle and country. Yes, I am enthralled in the latest episode of Outlander, and its classic depictions of bonnie Scotland. Although I find these depictions hard to believe when I’m curled up on the sofa in a drafty Glasgow tenement with the rain splattering aggressively against my single-glazed windows, I know that Scotland is a country worth investigating for its rich history, cultural attractions and ancient landmarks.

Whether you’re a student who’s new to Scotland or a student who was born and bred here, there are a myriad of fascinating places to visit in this country that are often overlooked for the bustle of the bright city lights. We’ve gleaned the knowledge of the crème de la crème of Scottish travel and lifestyle bloggers to ask them their favourite places off the beaten track to visit in this incredible country.


The Isle of Harris


Neil Robertson of awesome travel blog Locomotion Scotland says his favourite place is the Isle of Harris.

‘While travellers near and far will always be drawn to the dramatic magnificence of the Isle of Skye, there is an awful lot to be said for continuing on just a little further. Crossing over to Harris and the Outer Hebrides, the landscapes change drastically as rugged cliffs and thundering waterfalls are replaced by luscious beaches and lunar landscapes.

With the likes of Luskentyre, Scarista and Hushinish to boast of, Harris has some of the world’s most beautiful and undisturbed stretches of coastline in the world. Offering fantastic hill walking, wildlife spotting, golf and epic road tripping – this is Scotland at its scenic best’.

If you’re keen for more travel chat, follow Neil on Twitter.


Orkney Islands


Keith Savage runs popular blog Traveling Savage and he discusses why Orkney is a unique place to visit.

‘My favourite place in Scotland are the Orkney Islands. There’s a mystique about the Neolithic sites there that gets under your skin and beckons you back. The Ring of Brodgar, in particular, with its ageless stones is dear to me’.

Make sure to drop Keith a line over on Twitter.


The Hollow Mountain


Scotland Traveloholic Alexa Zych explains why her favourite place is The Hollow Mountain.

‘Ben Cruachan Power Station is one of our favourite, secret places on a Scottish map. Well, it’s not that secret, but you can find out yourself how beautiful it really is if you arrive late for the bus tour, like we did. There are two paths up the hill to reach the power station. The short one is steep and more physically demanding. The longer one, which we took, offers a tranquil walk with a breathtaking panoramic views over Loch Awe and South part of Agryll. The best ones are from The Dam!

“Why is it so special”? You may ask. It’s the world’s first reversible pumped storage hydro scheme, the highlight of any guided bus tour is a ride down the tunnels under the mountain to the huge turbine hall.

The Hollow Mountain proved to be one of our best days out that we did not plan or expect; that’s why we really liked it and recommend it as a less obvious place to visit’.

For more travel tips and tricks, check out Alexa’s Twitter.


Greenbank Gardens


Nicola Mcnaughton of blog The Bonnie Gardener says ‘My favourite place which is slightly off the beaten track is Greenbank Gardens on the south side of Glasgow near giffnock – it’s a national trust property. It has a beautiful walled garden which is filled with colourful herbaceous perennials throughout the spring, summer and into autumn. I love it because it’s peaceful and colourful and easily accessible from the city – like a sanctuary, and it is full of wildlife. I’d recommend it to anyone – novice gardeners and experts alike, or even for those who just want a bit of peace and quiet. It’s a great place to go for an early evening walk’.

With gardening advice galore and ideas for beautiful places to visit in Scotland, follow Nicola on Twitter.


The Munros

munro ben lomond

Fiona of Fiona Outdoors says ‘One of my favourite things to do is Munro bagging in Scotland’s great outdoors. The pursuit of Munro bagging sees walkers ticking off a list of all of Scotland’s mountains with a summit of more than 3,000ft. The list was originally created in the late 1800s by Sir Hugh Munro and since then there have been a few alterations to the list due to modern measuring devices. The number is now set at 282.

The Munros Table has become an increasingly popular focus for walkers. It’s a great way to discover new places in Scotland, enjoy time outdoors with friends and escape university life for a while.

While there are many challenging Munros to hike, there are also some easier ones. These include:

* Ben Lomond, just over an hour from Glasgow and 50 mins from Stirling

* Schiehallion, in Perthshire. Two hours from Glasgow or Edinburgh and around 90 mins from Dundee or Stirling.

* Mayar, Angus. 1hr 15 mins from Dundee.

* The Cairnwell Munros, Glenshee. Around 1hr 20 mins from Dundee.

* Mt Keen, Cairngorms. 1 hr 15 from Dundee; 1 hr 25 fro Aberdeen.

Warning: Even the easiest Munros can be a big undertaking if you are unfit or do not have the right kit. You should check the weather forecast, take the right clothing and equipment, make sure you know how to use a map and compass if the weather is to be poor, walk with others and tell someone where you are going.

You will need a car to reach many of these mountains although you could use public transport and then cycle to the base.

Fiona has walked 215 Munros in the list and hopes to finish a full round at some point. Keep track of her  over on Twitter.


Puck’s Glen

pucks glen

Adventures Around Scotland writer Susanne Arbuckle says ‘It is a magical and mossy woodland gorge complete with tumbling waterfalls, bubbling pools and a diverse and flourishing eco-system.  It is as close as you will find to a temperate rain forest on this side of the Atlantic and at times it is hard to believe you are still in Scotland.

Named after the mischievous sprite in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, it has a playful resident spirit of its own called Poca Ban that disguises itself as a ball of wool and rolls around the glen looking for unsuspecting victims to trip up!

It is the kind of spellbinding place that will convince you fairies really do exist’.

Check out more magical places to visit courtesy of Susanne on Twitter.


Crookston Castle


Our Freshers’ Festival choice would be the incredible Crookston Castle. Only a 10-minute walk from Crookston train station in Glasgow’s South Side, this castle is a hidden gem that’s often overlooked by locals and tourists, making its ancient quality and rich history more magical. Parts of the castle’s ruins date back to the 12th century, and it was rumoured that Mary Queen of Scots was betrothed there under a yew tree to her second husband Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. You can go inside and see the master’s chambers, the great hall, guest apartments and climb to the top of the castle for incredible views across the Pollock area.

Do you have a favourite unique place to visit off the beaten track? Give us a shout with your answer over on Twitter.

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99 Reasons to Get to Freshers’ Festival

  1. ALL the freebies and giveaways – we’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty! As well as clothes, iPads, Apple TVs, tote bags and hoodies.
  2. BlogFest. You’ll get the chance to meet your favourite Scottish bloggers! It might even inspire you to put pen to paper, or fingers to keypad.
  3. The Relentless Main Stage should be reason enough to come along and see DJs from clubs across Scotland (and grab a few handfuls of free Relentless cans).
  4. AXM will be giving out goodies and promoting Scotland’s gay club scene!
  5. Love cocktails? Love lunch? Bread & Butter are sampling cocktails, giveaways and a chance to enter their lunch raffle! Tingle will be giving out free nacho vouchers!
  6. If you’re a fan of Glasgow’s Rock and Metal scene then the pioneering Cathouse will be gracing the floors of the SECC with bangin’ tunes and discounts.
  7. The Garage will also be exhibiting, bringing to the SECC Glasgow’s most iconic club.
  8. Students love a wee movie night; thankfully Cineworld will be catering to all your blockbuster needs.
  9. AND Odeon will be there to support the movie mayhem. Film buffs – don’t say we’re not good to you!
  10. City Parking will be along to help you get parked at the biggest student event of the year! And don’t worry, no fines.
  11. Providing the best monthly Dance music for Scottish clubbers, Colours will be promoting fantastic events and getting us pumped up for freshers’ nightlife.
  12. Fleeing the nest can be daunting, that’s why CRM Students will be at the festival to help you find a cosy wee flat in your city.
  13. We’ve got all of Scotland’s best clubs up our sleeves, including Distrikt, in the heart of Merchant City.
  14. Dragon Soop will be coming along with some tasty caffeine-fueled beverages to keep your batteries charged!
  15. If you’re looking for affordable drinks and nosh during a night out then Driftwood Bar are sure to sort you out. 85p vodka mix, anyone?
  16. Indie rock heroes Firewater are gonna be giving out tote bags, t-shirts, keyrings and a mystery prize a giveaway! Totes amazing.
  17. For safe food and healthy eating Food Standards Scotland will be bringing their knowledge to the table (literally).
  18. Looking for some funky art to annoy the ‘rents this freshers’? Visit the awesome Forevermore Tattoo folk to get the tat of your dreams!
  19. With delicious cocktails and yummy gastro menu, Merchant City’s G-Town will be visiting freshers’ fest with some freebies and offers.
  20. Paint the Town will be bringing a splash of colour, with amazing offers at destinations throughout Scotland and the chance to win A CAR!
  21. Do you love cosplay? Are you a comic book worm? Then look no further! Geek Retreat will be bringing all things geeky and wonderful to the festival.
  22. Pull up and see Glasgow Taxis who’ll be exhibiting and find out what they have on offer for your year as a fresher!
  23. Happy Bus will have all the information on transport to your favourite festivals.
  24. If you’re looking for offers and opportunities then have a chat with Home Fundraising.
  25. Freshers’ Fest is all about free food, drink and good times! Delicious food will be served up from Pinto Mexican Kitchen.
  26. Swedish furnishing kings IKEA will be coming armed with a £50 and £100 gift voucher to giveaway!
  27. Infertility Scotland will be exhibiting and offering information and advice for students. They’ll be giving away awesome prizes such as a day pass to M&Ds, beer goggles and a paintball competition!
  28. Intu Braehead will have exclusive offers and giveaways, covering urban retailers, bars, activities and leisure facilities.
  29. If you’re a fan of paintballing then you’ll be pleased to see IPG Paintball giving away a whooping 90% student discount online as well as amazing competition prizes.
  30. Known for its great prices and ideal locations JD Wetherspoon is the perfect hang out for students anywhere in Scotland, come to the festival for a chat!
  31. As well as free food, we’ll have delicious drinks from a range of exhibitors including Keglevich, who’ll have offers for all vodka loving freshers!
  32. We have an array of Scotland’s best clubs including the popular Kokomo and Bamboo. Check out their stalls to see what they’re giving away!music
  1. Light Glasgow will also be encouraging the boogie in you with a flash mob, giveaways and 500 booth packages!
  2. Health-conscious fresher? Little Big Shot will be providing delicious drinks so swing by their stall to check out the activities!
  3. Jobs and opportunities are a huge part of what the festival offers students. Nationwide Building Society will be at the event with some exciting careers options.animated
  1. If you’re looking for a uni to study at or thinking about pursuing a post grad, come and speak to the Open University Students Association to find out more about what they do.
  2. With a massive mystery prize and 2 4 1 giveaways, Paradise Island Adventure Golf are sure to get you in the party mood this freshers’.
  3. If you’ve finished an internship or placement get along to the Rate My Placement stall and find out what they have to offer.
  4. Freshers’ Festival showcases the best bars, clubs and restaurants including the exotic Reina Restaurant and Club.
  5. Revolution Bar’s popularity among students is common knowledge, make sure to visit them and find out about offers and discounts!
  6. Richmond Fellowship will have some great opportunities and offers for students, so if you’re keen on getting work experience give them a shout.
  7. Students looking to the future will be pleased to know that they can have a chat with Royal Naval Reserve about what they can get involved with at uni and after their studies.
  8. Sanctuary club will be exhibiting and promoting their already hugely successful club nights and offers.
  9. As well as job and careers advice, Freshers’ Fest caters to all student opportunities. tThe Scottish Women’s Convention will be there for aspiring politicians and activists.
  10. Scottish Youth Parliament will be talking to students about getting involved and will be giving away pens, wristbands and highlighters.
  11. Got that entrepreneurial spark? SIE will be along for tips and advice for the ambitious among us!
  12. The SmartLoyal app will also be up for grabs!
  13. Have you seen the awesome Freshers’ Fest posters on Glasgow Subway? SPT will be at the event so come along for some banter!
  14. Yummy offers from Steak & Cherry will also be available for meat lovers!
  15. We’ll have the best of Scotland’s food scene with Wagamama and Mr Singh’s! fashionanimated
  1. You goin’ out out? Visit Sugarcube.
  2. Tiger is known throughout Europe for its affordable prices and great quality products for the home! Get your flat looking snazzy.
  3. T J Hughes will be amoung the retail madness at the event and will help you get kitted out for the year ahead!
  4. University Officer Training Corps will be offering career advice and opportunities for students.
  5. Smokey Joe? You can kick the habit with help from Vaporized who’ll be giving out free liquid testers, freebies and a prize giveaway.
  6. Victoria Hall will introduce you to freshers’ life in halls with the perks of their accommodation!
  7. Get some awesome merchandise from Webhelp and have a chat about future opportunities.
  8. Westerwood Dental will be giving out FREE teeth whitening kits worth £300 to students who sign up!
  9. Where2 will help party animals find the best clubs to go to in Scotland, visit them to find out more.
  10. To combat Scotland’s sometimes-questionable drinking culture, Whose Round will be around to talk about what they do and how you can get involved. They’ll also have goodie bags and prize giveaways!
  11. If you love a cheeky sake and California roll get some samples at Yo! Sushi.
  12. If you fancy teaching abroad after university, TEFL offers opportunities and courses for aspiring students so come along for a chat!
  13. Coo-eee! Don’t forget Scotcampus are there too! Come say hello to stock up on all the magazines you can carry, or even ask us about our internships. Don’t worry – tea making skills are non essential.
  14. Euro Hostel will be giving away a meal for two plus bottle of wine and they’ll be contributing a big prize giveaway on the day!
  15. Scottish Youth Hostel Association will talk about awesome hostel rooms at great prices for students who want to travel!
  16. Ministry of Defense Police Recruitment will be looking for students who are interested in joining their team after their studies.
  17. If you’re looking for some non-booze related activities at uni then Hollywood Bowl can hook you up!
  18. NYCOS Choir will available to talk to for all musical students looking for an outlet outside of studying.
  19. Within our eclectic mix of activities Girlguide and Scouting UK will be at the event and you can find out how to get involved.
  20. If you love exposing your pale Scottish skin to the sun then come and see Barrhead Travel who have all sorts of offers for holidays and city breaks.
  21. There’ll be a GO-KART at freshers’ fest! The Experience offer go-karting fun times for students at great prices.
  22. Ill Fortune Clothing, Cake Clothing and Superdry will have you looking suave for your year ahead! Hoodies and t-shirts galore.
  23. Love Karaoke? Partial to the odd bevvy? Watch out for Campus karaoke on the main stage!
  24. Elior will be recruiting stadium staff for football games, so if you’re sporty and stuck for cash get yourself to the festival!
  25. CHATZOOME is an all new app. The team will be kindly giving away an iPad mini for a competition prize! Yada App and Smartloyal will also be at the festival with offers and giveaways – get downloadin’ folks!
  26. Looking for a summer abroad? Americamp will help you achieve your own wet hot American summer!
  27. Glasgow’s famous Buff Club and Butterfly and the Pig will be at the event giving out boat party tickets with their social media competition! Ahoy!
  28. We’ll have tons of delicious nosh from Mr Singh’s to keep your belly happy.
  29. Xercise 4 Less is the cheapest and best gym to help you stay in shape! They’ll be giving out protein tasters and FREE memberships! The Gym Group will also be there for all you fitness conscious freshers!
  30. As the best brewery in Scotland, Drygate will be giving out beer samples tickets for a brewery tour and tasting for you and friends! Stay tuned on our @FreshersFest Twitter acount.
  31. Complete with mascot, Partick Thistle will be there for some banter!
  32. To keep you Zen amid the freshers’ madness Youth Mindfulness will be along with info on courses and training.
  33. We’ll have an amazing all new entrepreneur showcase at the festival for the ambitious and creative!
  34. You’ll get tipsy for free! Lambrini, anyone?
  35. Your belly will be FULL of Papa John’s, free all day!

  36. We’re running an awesome Comic Con Competition! Winners get 2 tickets to the Glasgow event a meet and greet with a star of their choice as well as front row seats! Enter here.
  37. Abandon Ship will have their very own festival within the festival! Get over there to scout their clothing line, live art, model scouting and much, MUCH more!
  38. There’ll be performances ALL DAY to keep you entertained and excited for the year ahead!
  39. Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband will be giving away an APPLE TV to one lucky fresher!
  40. If you’re an ice cream and coffee lover, Crollas and Gordon St Coffee will have tastings and samples!
  41. Your travel to and from the festival will be completely FREE. Our free bus service will be running across Glasgow from various campuses.
  42. You can grab FREE VIP tickets on our website for you and your friends!
  43. Soak up the chilled out vibes and energised atmosphere at this two-day party!
  44. The festival is a great way to break out of your shell and become accustomed with what Scotland has to offer student life.
  45. Gamers will be pleased that Game Pro Quo will be making an appearance!
  46. The SECC arena will blow you away with its mammoth coolness. It’s like, really cool. Like too cool for school.
  47. House of Fraser are giving you a chance to win a £100 voucher! They’ll also be bringing their beauty partner Benefit for make up tutorials.
  48. There’ll be model scouting and illustrator drop offs at Abandon Ship!
  49. Got 99 problems? Going to Freshers’ Festival aint one.
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What Kind of Fresher are You?

By Mina Green

When you live in a cosmopolitan city, you’re bound to encounter people from all walks of life – people you’ll adore, and people who’ll make you shudder when you catch a glimpse of them trying on suede hot pants in Urban Outfitters. The beauty of university’s rich tapestry is the eclectic combination of souls. Whether you’re a serious academic with a list of achievements as long as your arm (head-girl, long-jump champion, etc.) or a laid-back learner with the Inbetweeners credits as your mental screen saver, your character is sure to make an impression during freshers. Take a peek at our list to find out what type of fresher you are.

The Academic

Perhaps you were a school prefect, or part of the debating club. Either way, your interests span a number of topics outside of the regular Uni boozing and your main focus is to learn hard and get some shiny new As in return. You’re conscientious and hard working, and your peers will look up to you for your motivation and intelligence. While you do like to party now and again, you prefer spending your down time with a Pinot Noir circa 2011 and a hefty Oscar Wilde novel.


The Party Monster

Never without your sturdy hipflask, as a party animal you’re wild and untamable creature. Venturing into the depths of your local watering hole you’re bound to cause havoc. Your friends admire your carefree spirit but not so much your borderline-alcoholism.

giphy (1)

The Parent

Now you’re all up for having a good time, but cleaning up Lambrini vomit from the kitchen sink is not your idea of fun. You make sure you’re sensible when it comes to drinking and being safe, and your mates are grateful for your help when they can’t help themselves. Wise beyond your years, you’re always there for anyone in need of advice. You’re also great at making poached eggs (you know you’re an adult when you can rustle up a shockingly good poached egg).



The Enthusiast

Hurtling down student halls half cut or making new friends in the nightclub bathroom, whatever you do you do enthusiastically. Everything is AMAZING and AWESOME and your sunny positivity tends to rub off on those around you. Starting university is a fun time in your life, and you make sure you appreciate every minute of it.


The Village Kid

Hailing from a teeny tiny town in the middle of nowhere, you could count a rolling hay bail among your list of friends. Coming from a place where you know the postman’s name, it’s difficult moving to a city where you suddenly become anonymous. You relish the freedom the city provides, but sometimes miss your community and support network back home.  Despite your sheltered background, you’re open to learning new things and discovering what uni life has to offer.



The Scrooge

Uni halls come all inclusive: heating, water, laundry. You make sure you take advantage of every penny that you (or your parents) are spending. Taking hour-long showers are just common sense if you want to make the most of your dollar, so is converting your room into a Swedish sauna during the Winter months. When you encounter freebies or amazing promos you get so excited a little bit of wee comes out.


The Lone Rider

You know what you like and you like what you know. You prefer to not involve yourself in large social events or unfamiliar situations. It’s too much hassle and to much noise. You prefer having a few drinks with your close friends and chatting about things that interest you. You don’t have the patience for a ‘lads night out’ as your gentle and humble demeanor can’t take the hype. Your friends respect your Zen energy and your confidence in the comfort of solitude.


The Idle

You like to be out all night and sleep all day. As a nocturnal being who relishes the comfort of the darkness, you are hesitant to embrace the light of day and face that pile of dirty dishes with stuff growing on them. You find peace in chaos. Scattered between Netflix binges and Domino’s you find the time to attend a lecture or two. Others envy your laid-back attitude to life, but not your laid-back attitude to taking the bins out.


The Couple  

You’re two halves of the same whole. Attached at the hip and with an instinct telepathic relationship you don’t go anywhere without each other. Whether you’re a new couple or you’ve been dating since you were 13, you sprinkle the essence of your infatuation everywhere you go. And although sometimes your Disney-esque bliss can be overwhelming for others, you make the best of your young love – this means doing a Greggs run for your hungover other half. Now that’s the epitome of true love.


The Aristocrat

Despite the fact that your private school endeavours have proved to be starkly different from university life, you still enjoy reaping the benefits of your lavish lifestyle. You shop at Waitrose and don Abercrombie and Fitch, but this doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy pre-drinks with a bottle of bucky (well, after a Hendricks and tonic).

Stephen Fry



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10 Lessons Glasgow Freshers Must Learn

By Mina Green

Ah, Glasgow. Such a cosmopolitan city – known for being violent yet amicable. As Kevin Bridges once said ‘you might get the shit kicked out of you, but you’ll get directions to the hospital’. As a city with such a bold reputation, it’s important to paint the town red (but not literally) and make your contribution eventful, especially during freshers’ week. Here’s a list of 15 things you’re bound learn when discovering Glaswegian culture.

Chips and Cheese is a delicacy

Deep-fried, succulent, and seeping in a stringy yellow glow, the potato has never been so degraded yet so delicious. If you’re out on the town and need some stodge to fill your belly and soak up your bad life decisions, I guarantee this will become a classic midnight snack in no time. And if you’re feeling cheeky, you can always add a battered sausage for an extra dose of delicious/heart attack.

Chips and Cheese

Nice’n’Sleazy’s is not sleazy

Contrary to what this bar name suggests, Saucheihall Street’s Nice n’ Sleazy is probably one of the friendliest/dingiest/now hipsterish bars in town, and definitely one of the least sleazy, well, as far as bars go. The £3 white russians are invigorating and help keep your stomach lined (sensible drinking?) and the eclectic mixture of live music makes this joint a great visit for a fresher.

Nice N Sleazy

‘Rain’ is synonymous with ‘weather’, and vice versa

A drizzling blanket of depression is a constant companion when you live in Glasgow. Going abroad and experiencing sun will seem alien and you’ll panic at your lack of wet sleeves. This dreary companion will eventually become comforting (that, or a serious Stockholm Syndrome situation develops).


You’ll see Kevin Bridges or Frankie Boyle at The Stand

The Stand’s Tuesday night ‘Red Raw’ tends to showcase a hefty mixture of amateurs and professionals. Whether grimacing awkwardly or literally giving yourself stitches from laughing, for a mere £2 the wonderful Kevin Bridges or Frankie Boyle may grace you with their presence.

Kevin Birdges

A part-time residency at Barbeque Kings or Best Kebab is inevitable

Stumbling out of Bamboo on a Sunday night then Viper on a Monday, eating at these joints will become a late night ritual. A convenient and encouraged option for before-home munchies, Barbeque Kings and Best Kebab will seem the centre of Glasgow’s culinary delights.

Best Kebab

Ashton Lane is the epitome of glamour

With its sparkling lights and cobbled-ness, Ashton Lane looks like it’s been sliced straight out of a Parisian movie (or so we Glaswegians think). As a fresher you will frequent the ‘fanciness’ of Ashton Lane to indulge in Vodka Wodka’s promos (jolly rancher anyone?) as a sophisticated alternative to Driftwood’s 79p vodka and cokes.


Kelvingrove Park has all the nature

Slotted perfectly between the rustic architecture of Glasgow’s West End and the urban buzz of the City Centre the park proves great for general frolicking. For Strathy/Caley students a trip to Kelvingrove Park is exciting and adventurous and a chance to soak up all the nature. For Glasgow Uni students it is a chance to soak up all the nature. It’s a great place for a BBQ or picnic in the rare occasion the sun makes an appearance.


How to understand Glaswegians

Especially if you’re an international student, learning how to respond to a Glaswegian with something other than ‘sorry, can you repeat that?’ will become an envied skill. Bonus points go to the student that can decipher drunk Glaswegian – a whole different level of confusion.


To drink Buckfast as a last resort

There’s always at least one bottle littering student halls just waiting to cause havoc. A drink fit for monks, this treacle-like sugar-bile will definitely become embedded into your organs at some point during fresher’s week. As a student of Glasgow, swigging this luxury beverage from the bottle will be a rite of passage.


Deep-fried mars bars aren’t really a thing

As Glasgow is famous for its deep-fried mars bars you’ll come to learn that the deep-fried sticky treat isn’t a regular choice for most chippy-goers. Most people living in Glasgow have never tried it, it’s a mythical snack that you don’t dare ask for.

Mars Bar

What else have you learned living in Weegietoon? Tell us on Twitter @FreshersFest

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MacBackpackers: The Ultimate Scottish Adventure

The student party of the year is back on the 2nd-3rd October at Glasgow’s SECC, and you’ll bet that there will be more gifts to take home than Christmas and birthdays wrapped up in one. So make sure you take a sizeable bag, work on your guns to prepare for some heavy lifting and get ready to meet over 100 of our super exhibitors who’ll be setting up stall at Freshers’ Festival 2014.

Just one of these exhibitors will be the tremendous MacBackpackers tours. Take a hop, skip and a jump along to their stall during our two-day event, make the most of their exclusive offers, and find out more about exploring mighty Scotland. From tracking down Nessie, to climbing mountains to even doing a Highland fling – there are activities for everyone that are sure to bring out their inner haggis (we know they’re not real).



Owned and run by Scottish backpackers, MacBackpackers provide extremely high quality, yet fun and informal, fully guided tours of Scotland, designed for 18-35 independent travellers. Since the first tour back in 1998, over 80,000 backpackers have travelled around Scotland with the company.

To kick off this year’s Freshers Festival with a bang, you’ll find 50% off their spectacular standard extended tours and £20 off Christmas & Hogmanay package tours for bookings made on the day. So if you’ve been dying re-imagine a few ‘Braveheart’ scenes, or simply wish to broaden your horizons and experience pastures new, visit the website to see the epic journeys that you can choose to embark on, and view the galleries to feast your eyes on just some of the sublime locations such as these beauties below!



If you’ve been neglecting your beloved country and can’t remember the last time that you got off the couch, or if you’re new to Scotland and want to take in the sights, the scenery and the sublime people, guarantee that you make the MacBackpackers stall a well deserved pit-stop on your trek around the Freshers’ Festival. There’s no doubt that they’ll have a mini (or big) adventure in store for you.

Follow @MaccyBees

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Before Freshers Think Futures

While the Scotcampus Freshers’ Festival is a long way off we’ve got another youth orientated event for you guys to get excited about.

The Futures Fest takes place on Glasgow’s George Square on April the 27th and 28th and aims to showcase some of the awesome apprenticeship, education and employment options available to young people living in Scotland.

Spilt into several zones, the event will give 16-25 year olds the chance to learn more about what future opportunities and options are available to them. We hope that it’ll help to give youngsters the chance to make informed decisions on what steps they choose to take.

Alongside the exhibiting universities and employers we’ll also be including a selection of stands dedicated to those all important lifestyle issues. Here you’ll be able to find out about all of the best places for socialising as well as being able to gather info on healthy living and financial services.

We’re expecting 60+ exhibitors and have already confirmed some big names from the fast moving renewable energies and gaming sectors.

So if you’re wondering what to do after you graduate, or don’t know if university is for you, pencil in this new event and see what amazing options are available to you right here in Scotland.

The Futures Fest, George Square, Glasgow 27th and 28th of April 2012. Click here for more details.