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Freshers Festival’s Top 5 moments to look forward to at YMS19 LDN.

There are less than 2 weeks to go until the world’s largest youth marketing festival returns to The Old Truman Brewery! This April, the Freshers Festival team will be exhibiting in Zone T5 at stand 96. In honour of our stand position in T5 we bring you our Top 5 moments to look forward to at YMS19 LDN.

  1. Voxburner’s Youth Trends Report 2019

Voxburner will be launching their biggest annual research piece, the Youth Trends Report which is a 40-page guide to the emerging trends that are impacting the lives of young people today. It features the results of their survey which asked 1500 16-24 year olds from the UK a number of questions, plus the insights of a selection of expert and youth contributors from the Voxburner community.

Some of the questions you can expect to be answered are:

  • What are the top 10 brands 16-24s are most passionate about in 2019?
  • How can marketers inspire young people to become brand advocates?
  • Are Generation Z really more sensible than previous generations?

Every attendee will receive a complimentary copy of the Youth Trends Report on arrival at YMS, so make sure you register today!

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  1. Popping Your ‘Festival Cherry’ – Festivals Through the Eyes of Gen Z

YMS19 LDN promises to be the place where attendees can discover the latest trends, youth perspectives and brand case studies. Their agenda is jam-packed with inspiring speakers and experts. One particular talk that we are looking forward to is by Ricky Oscroft from Global – The Media and Entertainment Group where he discusses how brands can use the festival space to have a dialogue with Gen Z about what they chose to feature on their social feed and in their conversations; what essentially – matters.

Nearly 50% of 16-24 year olds have attended a live music event in the last 12 months – many engaging with brands across festival sites and venues. Brands, led by Marketing Directors with an average age of 42. Ricky asks, in an age where Generation Z is significantly different now than any other youth tribe before them, do we really know what’s going on in the heads of today’s young people?

If this floats your boat, catch Ricky on stage at YMS19 LDN on Tuesday 16th April from 4:15pm.

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  1. How to Attract, Engage and Retain Students with Marketing Automation

We have a passion for all things related to Higher Education here at the Freshers Festival Group and not just because we host the UK’s largest student events. We have also been working closely with the Expede Group to launch YADA Campus, a self-service management and social collaboration platform that is designed to engage students, empower teachers and assist universities.

When we saw that Ireneusz Klimczak from GetResponse will be discussing how adding marketing automation to the mix can help Universities meet their marketing department’s goals we knew that we had to add it to the diary.

Catch Ireneusz on Tuesday 16th from 12.40pm at The Higher Education Marketing Stream hosted by SMRS.

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  1. YMS Networking Drinks

We love a good party and opportunity to let our hair down – luckily YMS19 LDN are on hand to help! There will be a networking event hosted at the fabulous Juju’s Bar & Stage opposite the Truman Brewery on Tuesday 16th from 6-8pm. This will allow the delegates to mingle and chat about what they are looking forward to most on the next day’s agenda.

If you are looking for an afterparty on the 17th, Juju’s will be hosting their Brazilian Nights with cocktail deals, live music, dancing and more!

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  1. Edible Bubbles at the Freshers Festival Stand

Join us for fun, games at competitions at our stand in Zone T5! We will be revealing our Secret Garden Tour that will be taking us across the UK this September and demonstrating our vending machines that will be appearing in Campuses from London to Glasgow.

We will also be fully equipped with our edible bubble guns, so POP by to stand 96 for a little bit of fun!

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If you are attending YMS19 LDN and would like to book a meeting with us to find out more, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Graeme Barratt at [email protected]. You can also find out more about the Freshers Festival at

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8 Reasons Why Student Accommodation Rules

This article is in collaboration with Student Roost

From meeting making new friends, to helping you ease into living independently, there are many good reasons to live in a student accommodation for your first year of uni. We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of living in student accommodation, and ultimately why student accommodation rules.


  1. Easier renting

Paying rent when you’re living in a house can often mean larger deposits and rent is usually paid for the whole year, rather than the academic year. If you’re living in student accommodation however, you only have to pay for the academic year and deposits tend to be smaller. Rent can seem a bit more expensive in student accomodation, but with utilities and facilities often included in the price, it’s usually worth it.

  1. All inclusive bills

Electricity, gas and water bills are paid as part of your overall rent price, so no chasing down housemates to pay their share. Phew.

  1. Better response to maintenance and repairs

Shower not working? Boiler broken down? Student accommodations are great at having a quick response time to maintenance issues. For instance, Student Roost have a 24 hour response rate. This can be a lifesaver in emergency situations, whereas living in a house may be more time consuming if you have to wait for your landlord or lettings agency to respond.


  1. Staying over the summer isn’t a problem

While you’re away for the summer to visit family or enjoy a holiday, you can still expect to pay rent if you’re living in a house. With a student accomodation like Student Roost you get a more flexible contract where you can choose to stay or go home.

  1. It’s safer

Student accommodations are usually on point when it comes to ensuring security. Student Roost properties are staffed 24/7 in all of their locations with CCTV and secure access to their halls. This makes student accommodation a relatively safer place to live versus a house, where your safety is mainly your responsibility.

  1. Locked out? No problem

If you get locked out or lose your house keys, a replacement while living in a house could result in a costly payment. While some student accommodations charge you for a key replacement, others like Student Roost give you a new set of keys for free.

  1. All those extra perks

Student accommodation often gives you access to free facilities like recreation areas, a common area, a study area and laundry room. Make sure to look for properties with a focus on resident events and perks like cinema rooms and barista style coffee,Student Roost do all of this for free!

  1. The People

Finally, living in a student accommodation is a priceless experience because of all the friends you make on the way. You get to meet dozens of other students just like you and you never know, you might make a friend for life.

Check out Student Roost’s property pages for more information on what they offer!


Student and Millennial Marketing Strategies

How Local and Chain Restaurants Can Successfully Market To Students

Millennials, the soon-to-be largest living generation, are on track this year to have more spending power than baby boomers, according to analysts at Bernstein, and are currently forking out £30 billion each year in the UK according to UCAS (that’s roughly £13,000 per student, per academic year).

And if that doesn’t pique your interest enough, Bernstein also revealed that millennials eat the highest share of their meals in restaurants compared to previous generations – which is amazing news for those with businesses in the hospitality industry (avocado toast, anyone?).

Research by also shows that 44.47% of millennials have a shot every week as part of their going out rituals as well as spending an average of £5.08 on spirits, £4.25 on cocktails and £3.62 on ciders per drinker per week. Get the full lowdown of the power of the market through our infographic.

So since we know that students and millennials are definitely keen to spend their cash eating and drinking out, you may be asking yourself:

How do I attract this massive market to my restaurant? What can make me stand out from the crowd?

After over a decade working with the UK’s top restaurants, both local and chain, including Papa John’s and Yo! Sushi, and welcoming a whopping 10,409 students to our live event in Glasgow last year (with London in the calendar for 2018), we’re experts when it comes to attracting students to your food and drinks business.

Read our tips and tricks below on how to market your local or chain restaurant to students, grow a loyal millennial customer base, and reel in some serious cash.


Establish and Nurture A Social Media Presence

According to Forbes, 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer, PLUS research by Zizzi found that 18-35-year-olds spend five whole days a year scrolling through images of delicious nosh on Instagram, with 30 per cent saying they would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram game wasn’t up to scratch. “All my friends check out a restaurant’s Instagram page to see what we want when we go out for a meal,” 23-year-old Londoner Georgie told The Independent.

Social media will therefore hugely influence perceptions of your brand, especially if you are in the food and drink business, with Instagram being the number one platform that students and millennials utilise to determine the validity of a restaurant. And since students and millennials are the most tech-savvy generation, with 87% of millennials using between two and three tech devices at least once on a daily basis, you’d be bonkers not to take advantage of this massive and growing online market.

Looking for some ideas? Check out these 10 examples of awesome restaurant social media marketing by Toast.


Integrate Technology Into The Dining Experience

LivePerson found that 65% of millennials and Generation Z interact with each other digitally more than they do in the real world, with UK stats at 74.4%.

Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the NRA’s Research & Knowledge Group says, “It’s well known that younger consumers are more likely to accept and even request technology options being part of their dining experience”.

Integrating loyalty and rewards programs into apps and other technology options will therefore appeal to millennial audiences, and research by Bernstein also shows that technologies like mobile ordering and delivery apps are playing a key role to make eating more convenient for millennials.

Also, since young people are more health conscious than previous generations, if you offer nutritional information for menu items, consider adding it to smartphone apps and as a optimised page on your website.


Reach Out to Local Student Bodies

Academic research suggests that word-of-mouth communication is vital to students and massively influences their purchasing decisions. Interacting online and creating engagement for your business, while absolutely crucial, is more effective when applied hand in hand with some aspects of traditional face-to-face marketing.

Leafleting to local universities and colleges or offering discounts to students that bring their ID’s is a sure fire means of spreading positive messages about your business and increasing both regular footfall and loyal millennial customers.

The evidence? According to Forbes, 60% of millennials said they are loyal to a brand especially if they have built a relationship with them through positive experiences. The experience economy is being lead by students and millennials, so any measures you can take to interact directly, whether that’s by hosting student-friendly events, offering discounts on spaces for student groups to hold their own, or collaborating with students to create new products or services, since Forbes’ research shows that 42% said millennials are interested in helping companies develop future products and services – will definitely pay off.


Appeal To Student & Millennial Attitudes

You won’t be able to successfully establish a loyal and growing student customer base if you don’t know how their minds work, what their ethics are and what they think of global and local eating.

Be transparent when it comes to where your food is sourced, its nutritional value and your options for non-alcoholic drinks. According to a trends report by The Snack Hack, students and millennials are becoming more health conscious as well as mindful with their drinking, with a survey from Eventbrite revealing that 42% of millennials say they’re drinking less alcohol than they were three years ago. The experience economy of students and millennials also points the hospitality industry in the direction of value and quality over quantity, especially when it comes to drinking.

The vegan food industry was valued at £3.5 billion last year and there’s been heaps of demand for alternative products like nut milk yogurt, proving that perceptions of the food industry are changing. New stats from Kantar Worldwide show that 16-24-year-olds are spending +111% more on halloumi than the average person and +110% on Mexican food, as well as +105% more on dips like hummus, guac and salsa.

Bearing this in mind, you can tailor your menus and offerings to attract student and millennial audiences, including health lunch promos, craft drinks and mocktails.

Find out more about our London and Glasgow Freshers Festival events and our philosophy of student and Millennial event marketing here.



Student and Millennial Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Student Marketing Tips For Clubs & Bars

Keen to understand the student and millennial market and how it can help further the growth of your nightclub or bar business?

You’ve come to the right place.

Take advantage of a massive and growing millennial market (one of the largest generations in history) by delving into the minds of students and their nightlife habits and converting their interests into a hefty profit.

The Power of Student Spending

So how do students spend their money when out in pubs and clubs?

Research by shows that 44.47% of millennials have a shot every week as part of their going out rituals as well as spending an average of £5.08 on spirits, £4.25 on cocktails and £3.62 on ciders per drinker per week. Check out our handy infographic explaining the power and statistics of student spending.

And since there is a whopping 2.27 million students are studying at Higher Education Institutes in the UK with a further 2.7 million studying in further education, you don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that those numbers are capable of producing a pretty gargantuan chunk of change.

BUT, you won’t appeal to students and millennials unless you’re privy to the right marketing techniques for your club, bar or business.

That’s where we come in.

Check out our student marketing guide for clubs and bars below, to help you navigate the competitive realms of student nightlife, and succeed with this loyal yet elusive demographic.


Provide Experiences Through F2F & Event Marketing

Having attracted 10,409 millennials (aged 17-24) to our last Freshers Festival and garnered over a decade’s knowledge of experiential marketing with some of the best clubs and pubs in the UK including Revolution Bars and Academy Music Group, we understand how face-to face (F2F) and event marketing will engage, grow and retain student markets for your business.

Not convinced? The experience economy has reared its head in recent years and studies, including those conducted by financial experts The Motley Fool, show that millennials prefer experiences over ownership as well as staying in over going out.

That means when they do go out they’re looking for something out of the ordinary, like themed nights with themed drinks (according to Mintel, 49% of millennials say trying out new drinks is the number one reason to go out as opposed to staying in) or screenings and pub quizzes that revolve around much-loved movies and TV shows ( claims that 70.8% of millennials are subscribed to streaming service, and a study by Taylor Nelson Sofres, a consumer research agency, found that, on average, millennials stream 2.7 hours of TV shows a day).

This personal, one-to-one experiential marketing provides positive connections between brands and their customers. Murphy, CMO of MC2 says, “face-to-face engagement creates a personal connection and builds trust between a company and its target audience.”


Never Under Estimate The Value of Promos

According to research commissioned by Pro Plus, millennials spend an average of £27.14 a week going out, which although at first glance doesn’t seem much, last year’s surveys by Deloitte confirmed that “spending in the UK leisure sector, including eating and drinking out, was driven by millennials aged 18-34”. That means competitive pricing is massively important when attracting student and millennial markets to your club or bar.

And since we’ve established that experiences and new drinks appeal to this demographic, though it may seem like a no-brainer, offering drinks or food promos is a fool proof marketing technique, especially if you are offering drinks exclusive to your club or bar, and your offers vary week to week.


Offer A Personal Service 

Customization and personal marketing have proven to be favoured by millennials – which isn’t surprising considering most contemporary consumables can be personalised to individual tastes and interests, whether selecting add-ons or toppings through the click of a screen from a local take outs, or streaming preferred music on Spotify or Youtube at home or in an Uber.

Last year’s report by youth marketing tracker Ypulse says, “the days of one-size-fits-all are numbered and customization is being taken to the next level”, as well as the fact that three-quarters of consumers ages 13 to 34 are interested in purchasing products tailored to their tastes.

Depending on the nature of your bar or club, the opportunities for personalised marketing for students is endless, from apps that let customers pick the music on the sound system to create-your-own cocktails or customised discount cards for regulars.


Engage Through Digital Platforms

Not so social media savvy? Make sure you have someone in your business who is.’s surveys found that 77.4% of millennials are actively on their phone after dark and research by Pro Plus discovered that almost a quarter of millennials (22 per cent) said selfie-taking was a key component of a night out. Nightlife marketing expert Mark Borkowski says, “social capital is bragging about your experiences and putting them on Instagram or Facebook and the local nightclub is struggling to cut it”.

Elite Daily also discovered that 62% of millennials say that if a brand engages with them on social networks, they are more likely to become a loyal customer

So whether you advertise a hashtag for an event night, run online competitions or use social channels as a marketing tool, engaging with student and millennial markets through social channels, apps and other forms of digital media as well as developing the visual identity of your bar or club to appeal to Instagrammers will immediately spark the interest of this demographic, increase your footfall and attract new customers.


Get The Opinion Of Your Demographic  

Not sure whether your new bar snacks, band showcase or branding appeals to students and millennials? The only way to find out if they do is to ask them.

Setting aside a budget for market research will help you understand your audience and what experiences matter most to them. Getting the opinion of your demographic is crucial to building your brand identity and messages and what you offer to your consumer.

If you’re a bigger business with the budget to spend on market research – great – but remember to offer the right incentives for students and millennials for taking part. That could be vouchers, prizes or cold hard cash. If you’re a smaller business, you don’t need to fork out thousands for good market research, even conducted polls on social media will help you determine what your audience does and does not like, and that doesn’t cost a penny.

Find out more about our London and Glasgow Freshers Festival events and our philosophy of student and Millennial event marketing here.

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13 streetwear brands every Londoner should know about

London’s streetwear culture has exploded in recent years, with highly popular  brands like Palace Skateboards, Lazy Oaf and Goodhood rivalling streetwear giants from the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and Milan. There’s no shortage of streetwear labels at the moment in London, so here’s a mix of some of London’s established, up and coming and exciting new streetwear brands.

Forty Clothing

Forty Clothing is a new & upcoming brand that has recently taken London by storm. They have an entire streetwear section on their website including tees, sweats, and hoodies. They describe their style as a coming together of ideas, combined with an obsession of telling stories through the creation of images. Their logo was drawn by the owner’s 3 year-old son, and epitomises the cheeky & creative spark that helps make their brand unique. 



For Mass Consumption

Photo from
Photo from

For Mass Consumption is a fairly new kid on the streetwear block. Inspired by London’s skateboard scene, FMC’s collections include oversized tees, cozy sweaters, colourful hoodies and muted jackets, all paired with classic 90s and early 2000s streetwear must haves like bum bags, bucket hats and dad caps. The brand also uses African fabrics that are transformed into trousers, bags and hats which creates an altogether unique skater look. FMC doesn’t shy away from a bit of humour either, like the LEGO inspired ‘LOGO’ collection. The clothes are pretty affordable too.



Dream But Do Not Sleep

SS18 Drop 1 Lookbook from Photo by Max Birtles.
SS18 Drop 1 Lookbook. Photographed by Max Birtles.

British streetwear brand Dream But Do Not Sleep defines itself by one mantra, ‘strictly positive vibes’. This is captured in the label’s love of cheery embroidered slogans and bold graphics which are inspired by founder Max Birtles’ appreciation of 80s LA and Miami fashion. DBDNS still represents UK streetwear fashion though as it also draws much of its playful style from the UK raver scenes and established UK streetwear brands like Lazy Oaf.




Ronning SS18. Photo from
Ronning SS18. Photo from

In 2018, YouTube personality turned streetwear enthusiast Magnus Ronning launched Ronning, a streetwear brand dedicated to minimalist Scandinavian fashion. Its very first collection dropped in April 2018, featuring a selection of staple jumpers, comfy sweatshirts, bold pocket T-shirts, straight fitting beige trousers and stone bermuda shorts among other pieces. What makes the label stand out is its emphasis on using its own unique cuts rather than designing from blanks, meaning an overall higher quality of fabrics. Since Ronning dropped its first collection earlier this year, the brand has already sold out its pre-orders. Impressive.  



Alma de Ace

Alma de Ace Capsule 3. Photo from
Alma de Ace Capsule 3. Photographed by Justo Babi. Photo from

Lifestyle clothing brand Alma de Ace originates from the Latin meaning ‘soul of unity’. The brand unifies various fabrics from Portugal and Madrid to bring a pop of colour to each piece, ‘regardless of season’. Alma de Ace’s signature look is their two-tone colours, inspired by founder Sebastian Agace’s year abroad in Madrid where he introduced a popular exclusive edition of his line. After the success of his capsule collection in Madrid, he flew back to the UK where he set up shop in London’s fashion hub of Shoreditch. Alma de Ace continues to draw its inspiration from London’s ever changing fashion scene and prides itself on sourcing good quality, highly stitched fabrics straight from Portugal.



ATIKA London

Photo from
ATIKA London Lookbook. Photographed by EALMO. Photo from

Formerly known as BLITZ London, ATIKA London is a popular location for Shoreditch shoppers who love vintage garb. If you’ve ever stepped inside ATIKA, you may be familiar with its retro pieces, edgy apparel, high end brands and sportswear labels ranging anywhere from the late 70’s to the early 2000’s. The shop’s rebranding in April 2018 came just in time for the start of the store’s expansion and the increasing popularity of its own brand, REMIX by ATIKA which features reworked vintage pieces that you can find in TOPSHOP Oxford Circus.




Photo from
NICCE SS18. Photo from

Athleisure meets streetwear label NICCE are known for combining functionality with style. Established in 2013 by founder & creative director Mitchel Galvin-Farnol, the brand emerged as a way to meet the demand for clean, no-fuss contemporary streetwear, which was inspired by Mitchel’s time abroad in Ibiza. Taking his Balearic influence back to London and fusing it with the city’s diverse culture, NICCE has created something unique and appealing to many streetwear lovers.   




Satta SS18. Photo by Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul.
Satta SS18. Photo by Lola Paprocka & Pani Paul. Photo from

Drawing from his experience in landscaping and woodworking, founder Joe Lauder wanted to create a brand that epitomised the functionality, simplicity and sustainability of traditional workwear. Thus the lifestyle brand Satta was born. Satta, meaning ‘existence and being’ in Sanskrit, reflects connectedness with nature as a lifestyle. By committing itself to small-scale production, sustainability and locally sourced materials, Satta fulfils its ethos of living a simple life. Their designs favour utility, comfort and earth toned fabrics and take some inspiration from skateboarding cultures of the late 60s, so you can expect to buy locally sourced, handcrafted skate decks at their shop if you fancy.



Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf Summer 2018 Collection. Photo by James Rees.
Lazy Oaf Summer 2018 Collection. Photo by James Rees. Photo from

Over the last seventeen years, Lazy Oaf has become a strong presence in London’s streetwear scene and beyond. Founder Gemma Shiel created the label back in 2001 when she was fresh out of university and began selling her hand printed tees at Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch. Since then, Lazy Oaf has grown into a well known brand, with its own flagship store in Soho and over 250 stockists worldwide. Plus, it was done with no outside investment. Lazy Oaf describes its brand ethos as not taking itself too seriously and ‘keeping it weird’ at all times, so you can expect unusual cuts, eccentric patterns and designs with comedic graphics anywhere from their hats to their shoes.



Thames London

Thames London SS18 Lookbook. Photographed by Michael James Fox. Photo from
Thames London SS18 Lookbook. Photographed by Michael James Fox. Photo from

Thames London is the culmination of founder Blondey McCoy’s endless artistic inspirations. From galleries, to the books he’s read and his travelling experiences, Thames is more an expression of Blondey’s art than a label. Blondey dates the birth of Thames London back to his skateboarding days in South Bank at age 14, where he met the crew of streetwear brand Palace who later went on to collaborate with him. Thames has exploded in popularity since then, having collaborated with big names like Fred Perry, Stephen Webster and Damien Hirst. The ‘art meets skateboard culture’ aesthetic of Thames is evident in its imaginative sketches and graphics that are transformed into prints all over polos, ringer tees, shorts and trousers. The label is doesn’t shy away from bright colours either, with lots of pale pinks, cool blues and vibrant oranges on bombers and cozy sweats.



B-Side By Walé

B-Side Collection. Photo by
B-Side Collection. Photo by

You can call B-Side By Walé a veteran in the streetwear game. Having been around since 1995, the independent brand from East London has long built its reputation as one of the London’s most established streetwear labels. B-Side was founded by Walé Adeyemi, a fashion designer and former creative director of New Era whose impressive list of clients include Beyonce, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Alicia Keys, Usher and Missy Elliott to name a few. B-Side’s clothes feature pieces with a strong aesthetic of splashy colours, graffiti lettering, classic headwear and stylish accessories for both men and women.  




Photo from
Photo from

Launched in 2016 by self-taught designer Stefan Williams, VI BLACK (pronounced “6 Black”) is an urban streetwear brand which aims to make its clothes accessible to all with its affordable price tag. BLVCK takes its inspiration from Stefan’s appreciation for hip hop culture as a kid and streetwear brands like 10 Deep, Supreme, Blvck Scvle and Crookes & Castle, which culminates in the brand’s laid back style.  




Shopfloorwhore SS18. Photo by Maximilian Hetherington on
Shopfloorwhore SS18. Photo by Maximilian Hetherington on

Shopfloorwhore was originally launched as a bespoke headwear brand by Siobhan Hogan in 2012. Since then, the label has ventured into designing women’s wear including accessories, t-shirts, coats, jackets and more. Reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90s club kid era, Shopfloorwhore doesn’t shy away from adventurous designs, loud colours, frills, furs, sequins and anything that may turn some heads while walking down the streets of London.



Interested in the top 5 shoes to wear this Summer 2019? Check out our new guide here:


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IKEA’s Top 15 Student Essentials

From assembling flat pack furniture in our shiny new pads to taking day trips with the sole purpose of an impromptu meatball dinner, IKEA will guide us through what will become some of our most formative memories in our youthful years. Whether you’re in student halls, or have taken the plunge and found yourself a shared flat, who better than IKEA to give you tips and tricks on how to kit out your nests this year? So to help you become a DIY interior designer pro and prep both your home and your hearts for the thrill of the new academic year, and of course Freshers’ Festival, here are IKEA’s top fifteen student essentials.


MÅLARNA Blackboard Planner

Flatmate stolen the last of your peanut butter? Why not remind them by writing a note on this blackboard planner. Ideal for shopping lists and passive aggressive messages.

Price: £29


JÄLL Laundry Bag With Stand

Fleeing the nest and becoming independent means one thing: doing your own laundry (well, at least during term time). This laundry bag and stand is only a few pennies and the perfect size for even petite chambres.

Price: £2.50



Get cosy with this cute cotton bedding that includes a double quilt cover and four pillowcases. Everything you need for a good night’s kip.

Price: £13



From beer pong to revision notes, this no fuss table is an easy to assemble and a crucial member of home décor. Size 100 x 60cm.

Price: £16



Available in a range of different colours, this swivel chair is a budget-friendly solution to midnight essay writing.

Price: £29


DOKUMENT Magazine File

Coming in a two pack, these sleek magazine files will store lecture notes and textbooks that are easy to grab and organise.

Price: £6


FLITIGHET Dinnerware

This 18 piece dining set includes bowls and variously sized plates to give you everything you need for a student feast. If this gives you some culinary inspiration, why not swing by IKEA’s student night for a VR tour of your dream kitchen?!

Price: £16


CHOSIGT Ice lolly Maker

For hot summer months, rustle up your own ice-lollies for trips to the park with these vibrant ice lolly makers.

Price: £2



Coming with four different settings, clock, thermometer, alarm and timer, this stylish clock is a multi-functional time traveller.

Price: £4.50


HELMER Drawer Unit

Nab excellent storage space with this draw unit on castors, complete with slot label to more easily organise clothing and knick-knacks.

Price: £30


REDA Food Container

Pack up that spag bol for lunchtimes in the library with this five pack of food containers, with varying sizes to suit varying munchies.

Price: £2




Keen for stylish interiors that are kind on your bank balance? Nab this gorgeous and super soft rug, ideal for Scottish winters.

Price: £10


SKUBB Storage


Keep your party pants separate from your skinny jeans with this six-compartment storage hanger for easy access in wardrobes. Looking for other affordable furnishings? Don’t forget to grab all you can eat furniture with discounts at IKEA’s student night.

Price: £7



Get a good night’s sleep that’s bedder than the rest with this 7.5 tog duvet.

Price: £12



Since most halls or small abodes will be starved of enough plug sockets to accommodate all phones, laptops and tablets, this 3-port USB Charger is crucial for any student home.

 Price: £7.90


Psyched by the prices of these student essentials? You’ll be delighted to know that IKEA will be throwing their own student night on Tuesday 19th September at the Edinburgh store from 6pm – 8pm. Come with your pals to enjoy workshops and massive discounts on furniture and goodies, from VR tours and caricatures to all you can eat furniture!

Make sure to keep up to date with the latest IKEA events and offers here and don’t forget to grab further discounts and goodies with FREE VIP tickets to this year’s Freshers’ Festival.

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Why You Can’t Miss Freshers’ Festival This Year

For over a decade, students across Scotland have been flocking to Freshers’ Festival to fill their buckets and bellies with freebies and discounts, and revel in a two-day long event featuring Glasgow’s best clubs, pubs, eateries, music, accommodation and more!

And this year is definitely no different. In fact, you eager freshers are in for a real treat – with the chance to get your mitts on goodies from the coolest brands in the city and get involved in the fiercest attractions we’ve ever laid our eyes on. So make sure to get yourself along to George Square, 20th and 21st September, grab FREE VIP tickets and bring along pals for what will be the highlight of your student experience.

Keen to know more? From beauty samples and gym memberships, to club nights, microbreweries and movies (oh and heaps of free grub) here are just some of the reasons why you can’t miss Freshers’ Festival this year – you’re welcome!


Experience Glasgow’s Best Nightlife       

Whether you’re a newbie in town or always game for a party, for two days only, Freshers’ Festival will be home to the best nightlife in the city, offering discounts on drinks, events, club nights and more. If your music of choice means headbangin’ til the wee hours, then you’ll be delighted to hear metal and indie heroes Cathouse, Firewater and Garage will be in attendance at the fest.

If you prefer pop, hip hop and dance, then make way for O2 ABC, Subclub, Bamboo KOKOMO, AXM, Light, The Buff Club and The Shed. As if that’s not enough, you’ll also get to chat to Drygate Brewing Co., Shilling Brewing Co., Revolution, The Social and Driftwood for money off pints and cocktails. Sláinte!


Grab Delicious Grub & Fresh Coffee

From Mexican nosh and Indian delights to Sushi and pizza – we cater for everyone. Come and nab free samples from the likes of McIntosh Mac n’ Cheese, Chaakoo, Barburrito, Topolabamba, Yo Sushi, Bar Soba and Ad Lib. Don’t forget there’ll also be FREE pizza from cheesy kings Papa John’s as well as offers from Just Eat and fresh coffee tastings from Gordon Street Coffee.


Polish Up Your CV With Jobs & Opportunities

This student malarkey can sometimes be expensive, with hefty textbooks to buy and weekly pizza allowances to aid those all nighters in the library. So if you’re looking for a chance to expand your experience in professional realms as well as earn some cash, then we’ll have both summer and term-time opportunities from a diverse range of industries including Americamp, Frontier, Royal Maritime Reserves and SecuriGroup, offering work across oceans and in some of Scotland’s most exciting venues.


Improve Health, Fitness & Wellbeing  

If you’re a gym bunny who loves nothing more than working up a sweat guzzling protein shakes, then you’ll be psyched to know you’re in for the chance to slice down the price of your monthly gym memberships with offers and discounts from Anytime Fitness, Sweat! Union and Xercise4Less. There’ll also be tonnes of opportunities to chat to professionals from NHS and Police Scotland about health and safety issues to put anxious minds at ease during freshers week.


Be A La Mode With The Latest Beauty & Fashion

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to forgo being in style, even if your student loan only permits occasional shopping sprees. Whatever your beauty requirements, we have your back. Mohair will be offering free hair cuts for guys and Volume Style Bar are shaking up their mousse and giving gals free braiding and curls, party make up and face glitter! You’ll also get to experience Sally Salon Services and browse gorgeous frames from spectacle queens IOLLA.


Get Involved With Shopping, Accommodation & Entertainment

As well as some of the most exciting and eclectic activities and entertainment in the city, from movie marathons with Cineworld, bowling with Hollywood Bowl and climbing with The Climbing Academy to old school Laser Quest games and even tattoos with Forevermore, we’ve got top accommodation and means of kitting out your new student pad. Get your hands on gorgeous rooms with Fresh Student Living and Euro Hostel or become a budget interior designer with Flying Tiger and IKEA! For all things Glasgow, including culture, food and a heavy dose of banter, head on over to our partners at GlasgowLiving and don’t forget to swing by their stall.


Satisfy Wanderlust With Travel & Tech

If you’re partial to the odd adventure and you love discovering new places, hop aboard with our pals at Citylink, Glasgow Taxis, Happy Bus, McGills and Glasgow Subway and scoop up Wi-Fi on the way with KILTR to relish the best of Scotland’s scenery and urban happenings while saving money in the process. And if you haven’t already, remember to download yada, the Freshers’ Festival official app to keep up to date with upcoming events and entertainment. You can also say cheese at the yada stall with their photo booth and face painters and have a boogie with their very own DJ.


Think you can handle the best fiesta in the land? Pick up FREE VIP tickets and take a peek at more upcoming events at the Freshers Fringe. You can also get involved in our chat over on Facebook and Twitter.

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Freshers Advice: 7 Tips from Scotland’s Graduates

As the new semester fast approaches and you fair freshers head out into fresh social and academic realms, it’s easy to get carried away with what-ifs at the daunting prospect of this unfamiliar chapter in your life. So to aid your student adventures and those niggling nerves, we spoke to six recent graduates who gave their advice on gleaning the best opportunities at uni, making new pals and carving out the path to success.


Find Your Own Unique Ways to Study

The way I motivate myself to study is by breaking it up into 45 minute chunks, with 15 minutes break. I wouldn’t set an alarm though as you may find you get into the flow of studying and the alarm may break this concentration.

Paul Smith, Zoology graduate from Edinburgh Napier University and Year 4 student at University of Edinburgh, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary studies studying a BVM&S.


Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Learn to speak up, bring up interesting and debatable points, but also learn that there are times and places to keep quiet; nobody likes the person who speaks during lectures so you can’t hear what the lecturer is saying. Learn how to word questions and answers in a way that puts across a constructive and interesting point; don’t just say ‘that’s just what I think’ because it doesn’t really help.

Christie Murphie, Scots Law (LLB) graduate from the University of Aberdeen 2013-2017. About to start a Masters in Human Rights and International Politics at Glasgow Uni.


Focus on Yourself

Uni is about getting to know yourself, and not about jumping into a relationship which might comprise this journey. It’s the perfect time to be wild free and explore your own desires and direction.

Sarah C Runnstrom, Film and Philosophy graduate from University of Glasgow.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There’s no point sweating the small stuff, especially in the first two years. Don’t burn yourself out before it starts to matter! Put time in with your friends, they’ll be life savers when you’re stressed in the last year.

Gayle Plenderleith, Geology and Petroleum Geology graduate from University of Aberdeen.


Make the Most of Your Summers

This is the last time in your life that you will be given a four month summer break so make the most of it. If you have high career ambitions in a particular field I cannot stress enough the benefit of summer internships. If you want to travel and see as much of the world as possible then use these summers to do that – you have 4 months to see every country in LATAM, travel form New York to San Fran on a US road trip, or see SE Asia.

 Isabella Isla Phoebe Lewis, Philosophy and English Literature graduate from University of Glasgow.


It’s Never Too Early to Be Successful

Seize any opportunity for growth, be it attending a youth conference abroad, an internship, a start up, getting involved in an international organisation. Everybody can obtain a degree, but not everyone can prove they’ve gone the extra mile by gaining hands on experience. What truly counts in entry level jobs is not only our analytical skills but also who we’ve worked with and to what degree we have been responsible for certain tasks.

A graduate in International Politics from the United Kingdom, Chiara has passionately and restlessly worked since a very young age with governments,parliaments, organisations and the corporate sector to voice the concerns of young people within society and the marketplace as a high level conference speaker in the fields of women’s leadership, Gen Y issues and education. Chiara has worked with many heads of state and royalties like H.R.H. Prince Charles and Michelle Obama. An award winning activist, she has been interviewed on channels such as CNN and Euronews at the age of 22 and has been a panelist speaker for conferences like the Women’s Forum on Economy and Society, TEDx and the World Innovation Summit for Education, among others. 


Make Connections

Don’t underestimate contacts. Uni is as much about making connections (professional as well as social) as it is about getting a degree. Because often you hear about jobs through people, and in the world of linked in, social media, contacts are essential for arts grads.

Sara Elise, English Lit and French graduate from University of Glasgow. Keen on travel and whimsical musings? Follow Sara’s blog here.


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5 Must Have Student Gadgets for 2017

As uni life beckons and we flee the nest once again to jump head first into new ventures, with fresh academic prospects and new flatmates, we’ll often find ourselves glued to our trusty phones and laptops, googling to our heart’s content and snapchatting ‘til the cows come home. And though these fair companions see us through most trials and tribulations, it’s worth giving them a break to embrace new additions to the team. This is why we’ve traveled the digital sphere this summer to gift you with the six must have gadgets for 2017.


Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Retractable Lock for Laptop

Keep your mind at ease when venturing off for coffee breaks in the library with this Kensington laptop lock. Compatible with nearly 100% of laptops, sturdy with a steel cable, and petite and portable, this bad boy has the ability to bamboozle even the most seasoned of thieves.


LED Desk Lamp

Though a lamp may not seem like a vital purchase amidst the juggling of SAAS cash, this sleek and robotic beauty will not only achieve a minimal, futuristic style to pimp out your halls room, but its varying colour and brightness options will illuminate both your exam prep and your tired mind. With five colour modes and six brightness levels, this LED is literally your light in shining armour, creating glare-free luminosity for afternoon study or evening movie marathons.


Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker

If a portable speaker isn’t high on your list of uni-essentials, you’ll find yourself sorely mistaken. From jaunts to Kelvingrove park to weekend camping trips with your new found uni clan, the Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker will provide the soundtrack to what will become nostalgic memories. With a hefty 500 song capacity and 24-hour battery, as well as being waterproof and dustproof, this lil musical number is the pioneer of portable sound. PLUS it comes with a worry-free 18 month warantee.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The world’s first smart, microwave-to-erase-and-reuse notebook saves you forking out on bulky notebooks in WH Smiths. Not only can you resuse your entire writing vessel upto to five times, but if you download the app, you can ping over your lecture notes to Google docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box and email.


Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine

Grab your morning coffee fix and save a bunch of cash with the Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Machine. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and mess free, giving you a deliciously braw brew on-the-go.


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Top 9 Glasgow Eateries for Graduation Celebration

Congratulations guys and gals – you’ve finally done it – four plus years of hard work have come to end! From late night study sessions, seminar presentations and that dreaded dissertation, you’ve soared through university between cans of Red Bull and wild nights at the union and emerged victorious, free to explore your passions as a (gulp) full time adult. And if there’s any excuse for a mighty celebratory munch it’s multiple years of living off super noodles and Papa John’s Two for Tuesday. So grab your caps and gowns and take a gander to Glasgow’s top nine eateries for graduation celebration. Bon appetite!


Ubiquitous Chip

Arguably one of the hottest spots for a west end chow, Ubiquitous Chip’s usually pricey offerings have been grated down to a tasty £29.95 for three courses in the Brasserie and £31.95 and £39.95 for a three course lunch and dinner in the restaurant exclusively for graduation celebration. With an eclectic array of cuisines included in the price such as confit rabbit leg and foie gras rillette, lochlibo vegetable, fregola and parmesan pistou and beetroot and chocolate cake, this haunt is definitely worth a visit, not only for the yummy menu, but also for the bustling atmosphere on Glasgow’s iconic Ashton Lane.


Hotel Du Vin

If you’re keen on French classics and fine wines, Hotel Du Vin offers a graduation menu at a humble £29.95 per person for three courses in their grand bistro. With experimental dishes with international influence such as green tea cake and chickpea and almond tagine, their menu boasts delectable options for veggies and meat eaters alike.


Red Onion

With a delicious three-course offering for £25 that includes a glass of vegan prosecco (chin chin) Red Onion welcomes graduates from near and far for a slice of their culinary creations. Dishes include grilled sea bass, crispy goats cheese and a selection of fine Scottish cheeses. Personalised menus can also be provided for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.


The Hanoi Bike Shop

If you’re looking to discover the gastronomic nooks and crannies of Vietnam, The Hanoi Bike Shop takes its foodies on a mouth-watering journey through tofu landscapes and pho-nomenal (get it) classics. They also offer a gluten free menu and kids menu (for those pesky siblings) in a cozy canteen for more of a casual dining experience. Perfect for those who prefer delicious shared plates to set menus.


Ox and Finch

Another contender for fans of sharing plates, Ox and Finch delivers exciting dishes that please the taste buds while managing to avoid unnecessary spills from the bank balance. Its comfy crescent shaped leather bound booths are ideal for celebration with family and friends. Fresh plates featuring dry-aged beef carpaccio, pan-fried chicken livers with a number of tasty veggie treats such as wye valley asparagus and beer battered cauliflower make for a taste sensation like no other.


The Corinthian Club

For the stylish casino lovers seeking bold Victorian vibes, The Corinthian Club is the perfect choice for some sophisticated nosh with the fam. Their graduation menu boasts a myriad of classics including smoked salmon, duck breast and baked vanilla cheesecake. All for a sumptuous £27 per person.


Number 16

Contrary to its name, Number 16 ranks at an impressive #2 on Trip Advisor out of the 1,914 eateries in the city. Amidst the busy bodies of Byers Road, its intimate restaurant is aromatic and candle lit, best enjoyed in a small group for a number of hours of gulping exquisite wines and magnificent morsels of innovative Scottish cooking, from crispy ox tongue to herb gnocchi.


Mother India

Claimed by many Glaswegians as one of the best Indian restaurants in the city, Mother India pays homage to both traditional Punjabi and southern Indian dishes, while elevating their delectables with unusual flavours and combinations such as their chana daal with scallops. Their lunch menu is valued at mere £6.50 per person while they also offer dining deals for two from £9.50.


The Art Lover’s Café

Compromising of three courses with a glass of prosecco for a dollar friendly graduation menu at £20 per person, The Art Lover’s Café marries the stunning setting of the Mackintosh inspired house with flavour-packed plates and locally sourced ingredients. Savour the confit sea trout ballotine and warm plum frangipane al fresco on their beautiful terrace. A top-notch spot for celebration in the sun.


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