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B-side’s Top 4 hypebeast pieces and what to style them with!

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There’s no shortage of streetwear labels at the moment in London. London’s streetwear culture has exploded, rivalling streetwear giants from the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and Milan, but B-side’s distinctly East London styling somewhere between the kerb and boutique sets them apart.  With the release of their newest collection, Walé Adeyemi’s designs incorporates the graffiti stylings he’s known for with Neon accents and techwear inspiration. So we here at the Freshers festival are bringing you our favourite pieces with some extra style pairings to inspire a full fit pic, without having to talk to the Student Loans Company for an early instalment.


The MOTION windbreaker incorporates those Techwear cues we mentioned earlier. While that normally means: a function focused; all black; modern day ninja prepared for dystopia. The windbreaker adds its own minimal London fashion flair with its neon armbands for a pop of colour. Its sleek minimalism is timeless, so head here and buy nice not twice.

Style pairing: Yeezy 700 Mauve or Inertia

We’ve cheated a little because this is two options, but hear us out first. The chunky silhouette of Kanye’s yeezy 700 works well in contrast to the MOTION windbreaker’s clean lines, but picking a colourway to cop is always hard. The Yeezy 700 Mauve has neon hits in the same colour palette. However, the Yeezy Inertia has neon but will stand out more with its muted tones on the rest of the shoe. Either way it’s the perfect chunky dad trainer to complement your techwear inspired ‘grams.


Here’s a grail of the collection. The Rainbow Print hoodie’s minimalism makes it an easy item to match with a lot of outfits, but the letterman style is something we can all wear with PRIDE.

Simple, subtle, classic.

Find it here.

Style Pairing: Clear trucker jacket

Top tip for an easy way to make the rainbow accents stand out even more and be festival garms ready. A clear trucker jacket means you can always be repping and ready for English weather. Plus clear clothing is about as fashionista as it gets, and this one from Levi’s won’t leave you pot noodle bound for a semester.


An extra one for our Bsideldn ladies now, the MILY cropper is also for the function obsessed techwear types, but it brings our favourite design cue of the whole collection. The back has the word ‘community’ defined in its bold neon accents. Which is an ethos we think everyone can get behind (and its high fashion look helps). Find it here.

Style pairing: Straight leg denim

The MILY has tonnes of fresh street style flair with its asymmetry, neon, and ethos. It’s definitely a statement piece. So if you matched it with a lot of neon on the lower half, you’d potentially look rather 80s. (Yes we know the 80s is always a look.) Yet simple straight leg denim will keep your statement piece exactly that. The statement piece.


A graphic Tee is a stable of everyone’s wardrobe and the OG GRAFF Tee should be a staple. The graffiti letters spelling out ‘Be who you want’ brings UK streetwear and Bside’s Ethos to the fore with messages we all can love. Instant cop.  

Find it here.

Style pairing: Cargo pants

Again hear us out, the OG GRAFF T-shirt has a solid boxy fit that streetwear has come to love in recent years with the rise of oversized & vintage pieces. So the cargo pant has moved away from a rejected item of handyman or dad clothing. It’s wide leg fit and utilitarian cues have made it hypebeast worthy, with both PALACE and Supreme releasing cargo pants in recent drops.

Those are our top 5 pieces from B-side’s newest collection, but with a brand of 20 years they definitely have more pieces worth checking out here and to help your money go further use the code the code FreshersFestival15 at check out for 15% off!

Do you think we missed out an important piece? Or our pairing’s ill advised? (Cargo pants are the future). Tell us and B-side on Twitter or Instagram.

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Smash Your Student Spending – Top Tips on How to Save As A Student

Sponsored content from The Curve app.

Wouldn’t it be nice if managing your student finance money wasn’t a big, stressful, complicated thing? Well say no more, the Freshers Festival & Curve Team are here with plenty of advice on how to make your money stretch a little bit further and don’t forget to head to the Curve website & use the code FRESHFES to get a free £5 and download Curve by clicking here.

1. Get the Big Picture

A close up of a cameraDescription automatically generated

We were shocked when we saw that 78% students in the UK worry about making ends meet yet one third of students are not budgeting. 5% of students said that they weren’t even considering what they were spending at all during their time at University! One of the biggest reasons why students are not in control of their money is because they are unable to see the big picture, a large percentage of students have multiple cards but have no idea where their money is going. Gone are the times of the little black book where your grandparents wrote down every penny they had ever spent but have no fear, Curve is here.

As a student, managing money in more than one account can often be difficult which makes budgeting for the term even harder. However, Curve have solved this problem and allows you to manage all your spending across all your bank accounts in one easy to use app. Their dashboard is the perfect way to track your spending on everything from your latte to late night kebab. 

2. Feel Rewarded

A close up of a piece of paperDescription automatically generated

As a student, freebies, offers, cashback and discounts are more important than ever. There is no better sensation than feeling rewarded for spending your money wisely. From the 16-25 Railcard to your Student Card your wallet should be bursting with money saving tricks, but you don’t need to just stop there. Most retailers and restaurants have special offers for students whether it is an extended Happy Hour or Half Price on selected items so don’t be afraid to ask in store or when you get the menu.

You may also be surprised by the number of partners that companies have! Everyone from your student bank to your favourite app will have a list of offers and cashback incentives that you can start using to stay on top of your student finances.

3. Put the F in FX

A person sitting on a bedDescription automatically generated

And by F we mean FREE. Keep those minds clean, just like how we plan to keep your bank account and statements clean.

One of the best things about being a student is having plenty of freedom and so many students use that freedom to explore the world. With banks offering free travel insurance and discount websites like StudentUniverse providing low cost travel deals, trotting the globe as a student has never been cheaper. Travel cards and travel money cards are a great asset to your wallet, but apps like Curve are offering even better incentives, right from your mobile device.

Curve are offering users free FX and free ATM usage abroad so no more fees! You can spend up to £500 abroad with no charges and withdraw £200 for free on the free blue Curve card. With their Curve black card your spending abroad is unlimited with ATM withdrawals of up £400 a month for free. This is £9.99 a month but also includes gadget insurance and worldwide travel insurance! Whether you are a foreign student studying in the UK or about to take on your next adventure, say F YES to 0FX. 

4. Mo Money No Problems

With studying, socialising and showering there are not enough hours in the day when you are a student. There are those heroes among us that also juggle a part-time job, but for most of us, this isn’t an option.

Or is it…? How, I hear you cry? Well, in this age of technology there are plenty of apps on the hunt for student ambassadors. Everyone from Hinge to Deliveroo is on the hunt for a student representative. If you are part of a society, sports team or just enjoy socialising with others on Campus – you fit the criteria. Apps like Curve will create a special referral code for you to share with your peers and you will get £5 every time they sign up and make their first transaction. Getting extra cash has never been so easy!

For more information on student saving tips and to download the Curve app. Head to the Curve website now. Use the code FRESHFES to get a free £5 and download Curve by clicking here.

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What Students Expect from Brands at Exhibitions.

After 13 years of running the Freshers Festival across the UK, we have listened to thousands of 16-25 year olds give their opinion on what they expect to see from brands at live events. Most Universities and Colleges run fresher’s fairs with free pizza and plenty of pens but is it enough? Here are 3 quick tips on how to make your stand more engaging for students, from students.

1. Make Your Message Relevant

Hundreds of companies large and local exhibit at welcome weeks across the country however not everyone understands the audience they are speaking to. It isn’t enough just to assume that a student is going to stop by your stand because you are a well-known brand. Even if you are a national name, you have to think what it is you can do to get students to look up from their smartphones and engage with you.

Think about what you can say out loud that will stop a student in their tracks and encourage them to spend time talking to you. Of course, this message should be on brand but think about why they would be interested in what you are offering.

“There are so many companies at these events that it is hard to visit all the stands. Most of the time, unless their brand or stand is out there, I will probably walk past. Especially if it is a company I think that I already know.”

Photo from Freshers Festival London – Fika

2. “There’s So Much Room for Activities”

Now that you have managed to get the student to stop and talk to you, why not engage them with an activity? From the Domino’s spinwheel to the Deliveroo static bikes we have seen a lot of amazing experiences for students to interact with, so it is important to think outside the box and go big.

There are some things that you will always see at welcome weeks and freshers’ fairs like pens, pizza, totes and tumblers so MIX IT UP.  Make your activity or giveaway relevant to your company and what you do. For example, if you are a tech company why not hand out portable chargers or phone stands with your branding on?

“I’m not going to lie, most of the time if I attend events with loads of freebies, most of them end up in the bin when I get back. If it isn’t useful or cool, I stick it in a drawer and throw it away when cleaning my room out at the end of the year.”

Photo from Freshers Festival Glasgow – Deliveroo

3.Think Picture Perfect

There is a very large chance that students will be on their phones whilst walking around the event so why not take advantage of it? Encourage them to take a picture of your stand or to join a selfie competition and share it on their social media sites with a specific hashtag.

Make sure your stand is #ready. If you are a cosmetics brand, why not have live festival make up sessions complete with a photobooth? Or, if you are a drinks brand, why not turn your stand into a beach bar or VIP area?

Amazon is a great place to source last minute props on a budget, they are cheaper than party shops and have a huge selection of items.

“The best thing about meeting brands at events is seeing all the exciting things they have on offer. Taking part in online competitions is easy and I love growing my follower base by using event hashtags and seeing who else is taking part.”

Photo from Freshers Festival London – YADA Events

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The Do’s and Dont’s of First Year

Going to university for the first time can be both daunting and exciting. Here are some tips on to help you with the best year of university.

DO work those connections. University will open you up to a new world of connections that can be vital your future career. So get to know your lecturers, tutors, faculty staff, flatmates and classmates as you’ll never know who might help you out in the future.

DON’T be that flatmate. You know the flatmate that leaves enough hair in the shower to make a wig? The one with the mouldy dishes forming its own ecosystem in the kitchen? Yup, that one.

DO join a society or club. It’s a great start to meeting other freshers students and getting stuck into university life. Most unis have hundreds of societies and clubs to choose from. There’s sports clubs, political interest groups, clubs dedicated to cocktail making, music, dance groups, languages, quidditch…you name it! Universities like Imperial College even have a society dedicated to just cheese, so the possibilities are endless.

DON’T do all nighters all the time. Inevitably, you’ll be in the library at some point finishing a paper at 4am. But after the third or fourth time, you might have to figure out a new schedule for getting work done. Sleep deprivation sucks.  

DO learn how to cook. What better time to hone you culinary skills than at uni? There are plenty of online resources like BBC Good Food that offer delicious recipes that are quick to make, easy to cook and won’t hurt your pocket. If you haven’t got the money for groceries or don’t want to buy more ingredients, Supercook gives you hundreds of recipes based on what’s already in your kitchen. IKEA also do a great range of sustainable and affordable kitchenware to cook your new recipes in.

DON’T spend it all too fast. Having your own money is exciting, but be careful not to spend your student loan all in one go. A little bit of budgeting goes a long way.

DO sort out your study schedule. When Freshers Week ends and classes start, things can get busy pretty fast. Apps like MyStudyLife are amazing at keeping you organised, with features like paper planners, rotation schedules, reminders and task settings. Also it’s free. There are also plenty of other apps to improve your productivity which are life savers.

DON’T think you need to have it all figured out. If your career doesn’t match your field of study after graduation, don’t worry. Around 96 percent of UK graduates switch careers by age 24. It’s natural for your career goals to change as you get older, so don’t think you need to have a ten year career plan figured out in your first year. But that’s awesome if you do.

DO consider an internship. An internship can offer you the work experience you need before graduating. Not only will you gain some valuable skills that you can transfer to your next role, you’ll also get a taste of what kind of career you want in the future.

DON’T go overboard with drinks. It’s fun to enjoy drinks with friends, but always drink responsibly.

DO try dating. It’s likely that you might date one or some of the many people you’ll meet during your three of study. That doesn’t always mean you’ll end up together long term, but dating can teach you a lot about yourself and relationships.

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Try Before You Buy Student Accommodation?

Yup, you read it correctly. In what we think is a first in the Student Accommodation world, Student Roost are offering a free two night stay at the new St Mungo’s accommodation in Glasgow. You can even bring your friends and parents along.

We’re guessing they’re confident you’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay.

Students are invited to ‘try before you buy’ at St Mungo’s, which is set to open this September. The accommodation comes complete with studio and en suite bedrooms, a gym, study area, cinema room, housekeeping and of course the all essential high speed WiFi. Utility bills are also included in the rent price which starts at £139 per week.

The two night stay will include a taster of year round events involving socials, fitness events, cookery and wellbeing.

We definitely think it’s worth checking out, at the very least it could be a free night out for you and your mates.

You can take a cheeky 360° virtual tour of St Mungo’s before you visit and find out more about what else St Mungos has to offerIf you do go be sure to let us know what your experience was like!

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7 Tips on Acing Those Resits this August

Since re-sits are just around the corner, and students all over Scotland will be knee-deep in lecture notes and anxiety, we thought we’d lend a helping hand. Remember not to beat yourself up – everyone fails, and it’s always possible to overcome previous mistakes. So to give you the confidence to tackle your exams the second time round, with guaranteed success, here are our seven tips on acing those resits this August.

Ask for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on the exam you failed. Although it’ll feel like a bit of a bummer to hear first-hand where you went wrong, constructive feedback is vital to moving forward and allowing you to take different measures with revision for re-sits. Understanding where you missed the mark will make it easier to tailor your revision and get the results you need.


Learn From Your Mistakes

Einstein claimed that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. If you don’t pull up your sleeves and alter your study process and content, you’ll likely fail again. Making insightful changes by assessing feedback and mistakes is the only way to ensure success.


Talk to Your Advisor

That’s what they’re there for. If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about something don’t leave it to the last minute, make sure you’re mentally prepared not only for the exam content but for the psychological element of jumping this hurdle. Advisors will listen to your concerns and give you the best advice on how to move forward.


Find Alternative Ways of Studying

You may have been cooped up in the library for weeks on end, but how much of your study time was actually valuable? Did you retain much information or was a lot of your time spent scrolling through Facebook or staring at a blank screen? Quality time over quantity is key – and remember everyone works differently. What might work for others may not work for you. Tailor your revision to suit your schedule and learning style.


Try Private Tuition

Not all of us will have the cash to fork out for private tuition, so for some this may not be an option. But it can certainly help you more objectively delve into your studies with the aid of a perspective outside of your usual academic circle. An expert will give you tasks that will help you improve on your knowledge, and a weekly visit will motivate your revision.


Ask Course Mates for Help

If any of your pals took the same exam and got great results, it may be worth asking them for advice. What topics did they focus on? What were their revision methods? How did they stay motivated? It’s less intimidating asking a friend than a lecturer and it’ll more than likely give you the push you need to up your game.


Practice Self-Care

While it can be devastating to receive a no award for an exam, despite all our efforts, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at your lifestyle, diet and mental health. Try limiting late nights and binge drinking to once a week, and focus on eating well and getting yourself counseling if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue. Counselors at uni are often free and will help you deal with stress and keep you focussed on your end goal.


Do you have a resit coming up this August and want to share your study tips? Drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re game for celebration after your exams, remember to pop by Freshers’ Festival in September, grab your free ticket here.




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The UK’s 10 Most Beautiful Campuses

From piercing turrets and ivy-clad sand stone to geometric gems and avant-garde architecture, the UK is unique in its position as cradling some of the most ancient and stunning universities in the world. So whether you’re fresh off the boat and ready to venture into a new chapter of your life at university, or you consider yourself a senior citizen in the raucous realms of study, we’ve scoured the fine streets of the UK to discover the ten most beautiful campuses and the most inspiring places to kick back, relax and flex those intellectual muscles.


Queens University Belfast

Founded by Queen Victoria in 1845, the campus consists of over 300 buildings nestled among the leafy suburbs of south Belfast. It features gothic buildings and even war memorials. An ideal visit if you’re a fan of the famous queen and partial to an Irish accent.


Ravensbourne University

Specialising in media and design, Ravensbourne University’s awe-inspiring exterior reflects its dedication to contemporary arts, from fashion to television and broadcasting.


University of Stirling

The Wallace Monument and the Cottrell building are just two of the main features of this delightful campus, towering over breath-taking views of Scottish countryside. While overlooking castles, lakes, woodland and meadows, the University of Stirling campus assertively remains at the center of one of Scotland’s most popular cities.


University of Glasgow

Although it may come as a surprise that the Harry Potter series was in fact not filmed here, the stained glass windows and majestic towers of University of Glasgow will still invoke imaginings of quidditch matches and flying broomsticks. As well as the main Gilbert Scott building, the second largest example of gothic revival architecture after the Palace of Westminster, the campus stretches through the west end and includes both modern creations and Victorian town houses.


University of Sheffield

Surrounded by the scenic sights of Peak District National Park, the campus at University of Sheffield boasts a geometric aquamarine library and a number of grassy hang out spots for study sessions or meet ups between classes.


Durham University

Durham University dates back to the 11th century, and its ancient history can be seen in its castle buildings and grand halls. It also includes a 1930s art deco chapel and is situated next to the river Wear and city’s cathedral.


Cardiff University

Stately and striking, Cardiff University’s main building stands as an architectural enigma worthy of its more famous competitors including Cambridge and Oxford. Its 53-acre site spans a number of parks and playing fields.


Aberystwyth University

One of the most striking features of this campus is the Old University Building. With its towers and turrets and its faux stained glass windows, the building is designed to look just like a medieval castle. History buffs are bound to be satisfied by the old school character of this Welsh institution.


Royal Holloway, University of London

If you’re a Downtown Abbey fan then no doubt you’ll be keen to take a gander around the elegant Founder’s Building of Royal Holloway. Surrounded by grandeur and greenery, this campus could pass as a palace.


King’s College London

Standing proudly on the Strand, King’s College provides a refreshing change to gothic and medieval university campuses and instead asserts itself as a city bound campus, surrounded by the bustling London streets, cosmopolitan vibes and the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Do agree with our list? Let us know which UK campus you think is most beautiful over on Facebook and Twitter.

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Why Glasgow is the Best City for International Students

If you’ve landed on Glaswegian turf for the first time, you’ll no doubt be eager to discover Scotland’s greatest city and surf the wave of the second largest student population in the UK. Although many of our studious compadres find their homes locally or nationally, Glasgow welcomes thousands of international students each year, reveling in the diversities they bring. So to ignite your pride for this fine city and to welcome undergrads and postgrads alike, here are the reasons why Glasgow is the best city for international students.


It’s Multi-Cultural Vibes

For years the dear green place has been an emblem of diversity, encompassing folks from near and far and regularly celebrating the cosmopolitan cogs of its cultural machine. Not only has Glasgow been voted the friendliest city in the UK ahead of Newcastle and Liverpool, but also it prides itself on being home to a vast myriad of languages, cultures and beliefs. The Glasgow Mela Festival held in Kelvingrove Park is an annual event that celebrates the city’s multi-culturalism, featuring music, including Indian dance troupes and African drummers, entertainment, food and drink. For the rest of the year, if you’re looking for sensational sounds or tasty grub, you can visit a number of the city’s international clubs and restaurants such as the African & Caribbean Centre, The Well Multi-Cultural Resource Centre and Glasgow’s very own Chinatown.


Universities Accommodate Non-English Native Speakers

All Glasgow based universities welcome and support international students, with long-established Study Abroad and exchange programmes and help for non-English native speakers, including classes that aid applicants with English language requirements and liberal use of dictionaries in exams. Most universities also provide support with visas, accommodation, travel and scholarships.


Cheap Living Costs


Though the prospect of studying in Paris or London may seem enticing, the living costs alone in these cities mean it’s virtually impossible to rustle up any disposable income for post class frolics, unless of course your parents are rich AF or you’re luck enough to have nabbed a hefty student loan. Glasgow on the other hand offers better equality accommodation at a fraction of the price as well as opportunities to get involved in arts, culture and entertainment scenes that would rival a number of major European cities. If you’re keen to learn more about accommodation and living costs, have a peek at this useful guide.

Be sure to visit our Freshers Festival event in September to meet with many accommodation providers who can provide more information on private lets and Halls of Residences.


International Societies


Not only do Glaswegian universities provide support through official services, but also many have cultivated unique communities by means of International Societies, providing a gateway through which new students from near and far can gather to make new pals and navigate the city together. These societies introduce members to the city’s cultural facets and regularly organise social events like pub nights and outings and provide free food at its gatherings.

Are you an international student living in Glasgow? Let us know what your experiences have been like in this fine city! Join the chat on Facebook and Twitter.


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Tips on Finding the Best Student Accommodation

The new semester is on the horizon, and you can almost smell those crispy new textbooks and questionable life choices. Perhaps you’re hoping to organise a flat share, and imagining life in your new nest akin to your fave episodes of New Girl, or maybe you’ve just got a room in student halls and you’re eager to relish your flourishing social calendar. Whatever your choice for accommodation for the academic year, there’s no need to stress if you haven’t yet found your student dream home.

Freshers’ Festival is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the folks at CRM Students, who’ll be at the festival this year with offers and information on their varied and diverse range of student accommodation. So we’ve rustled up our top tips on finding the best student accommodation with the help of CRM Students! Enjoy!


Take your time

t9iodrloaijd9hd-cqvgprkwr6xpcue09u5eljfpngkk_bwp2d8gf3frc48ps2wgtaisqdz2e3-uea8vuckyreu91mfqcorfngd6e6ymxfahkz8qpj4r_qati46mxdoiehtpeulc0kgocdbakylwpp5fgck3e_japxlbpgi_crhe Since you’re looking for a place to live that’ll serve as your home for the next year, it’s crucial that you don’t rush into making decisions too quickly, and that you take your time when it comes to flat viewings, contracts and leases. CRM Students provide accommodation starter packs and can help you choose the perfect room and easily organise viewings. So don’t jump into something you’re not 100% happy with, make sure to explore all of your options and enjoy the hunt.


Find the right location


You could be studying slap bang in the middle of the town, or your building could be on the outskirts of city, finding the right location will save cash and time, meaning you’ll get to have a lie in here and there and avoid forking out unnecessary amounts of your loan on transport or multiple buses. CRM Students provide accommodation all across Glasgow and Edinburgh to cater to the needs of all students. So get friendly with the locals pick a location that’s within easy walking distance to your classes.


Keep to budget


It can be a challenge finding a place to live that fulfills your expectations and satisfies your need for homely comforts without being on the pricey side. CRM Students has loads of affordable and sophisticated properties across Glasgow and Edinburgh; their student homes come complete with free Wi-Fi, all-inclusive bills and a massive range of communal spaces.


Flat share or independent living


Whether you’re the type of student that rolls into bed at 10pm every night and then awakens for a sharp 7am coffee, or you’re the kind to appear in the wee hours and emerge from your haven in the late afternoon, it’s important to find the right kind of accommodation to suit your lifestyle. CRM Students have flat shares and properties to suit students with different interests, schedules and priorities.


 Security and Safety


Stay away from dodgy landlords or confusing Gumtree ads, since unfortunately there can be people out there looking to scam new students or take advantage of young people who aren’t yet totally savvy when it comes to contracts, leases and legalities. CRM Students luckily has an enviable reputation for student welfare and security. As well as offering great locations and facilities, every one of their student sites is covered by 24/7 CCTV and/or secure-entry systems, and expertly managed by dedicated and friendly on-site teams. So make sure you find somewhere that’s safe and secure to avoid hindering your university adventures.


For more info and updates on CRM Students and the accommodation they offer, keep an eye on their Twitter & Facebook.

What type of accommodation are you choosing this year? Give us a shout over on Twitter.

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10 reasons to love being a Fresher in 2016

Being a fresher is a unique experience, whether you’re tentatively acclimatising to the hormonal and party-hungry vibes of student halls (and that weird furry thing that’s been in the fridge for too long), or settling into a new flat with old pals, you’re bound to experience a touch of nerves and a heavy dose of excitement (that will no doubt be encouraged by a couple of shots of cheap tequila). But fear not, being a fresher is better than it’s ever been. With an array of social events, new people and the bustle of the big city lights, we’ve come up with our top 10 reasons to love being a fresher in 2016.


Freshers’ Fringe

Since you’ll find your freshest self plucked from the nest and placed among new people and a new city, a myriad of magnificent parties and social events are bound to beckon. So grab your glad rags and blue sued shoes and get ready to welcome the first ever Freshers’ Fringe, a three week long multi-venue, multi-arts festival in the heart of Glasgow. Curating the biggest and best of Glasgow’s student fresher events, a decadent discovery of unique and diverse parties and event will be at your fingertips. So if you’re looking for your time as a fresher to be memorable, make sure to get yourself along to the greatest student celebration of the year.

Independent Living

Entering the nebulous world of the frenzied fresher can be the most liberating experience of our lives. Since much of our youthful wisdom was gleaned from mastering mind games with our siblings, or rustling up the perfect cheese toasty at 2am without waking the ‘rents, becoming a fresher allows us the opportunity to carve our own path when it comes to daily routines, and to get to grips with independent living.

Although student living can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges (especially when waking up with flakes of kebab in your eyebrow becomes a regular occurrence), embracing the hustle and bustle of student life is an important part of growing up and experiencing life as an (sort of) adult. So when you return to your humble student accommodation at 4am with a traffic cone on your head – embrace it! Because fresher = freedom.

A new academic journey

The best thing about finding yourself at the beginning of a college course or university degree is the freedom to explore new subjects and change your mind if something doesn’t suit you. Nothing is concrete, and this allows you to relish the diversity of academic options, and find your passions.

Exploring a new city

As well as learning to navigate a new living environment, freshers are often plunged into the plains of a new city or town, forced to reconcile with their fear of maps and dingy subway systems. But reveling in the creation of a new life within a vibrant and cosmopolitan setting is exciting, as well as the spontaneity that comes with it. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal or an art lover, discovering new places is stimulating for your mind, and in many cities, your bank account, since student discounts and offers are just some of the many perks to life as a fresher.

Student loan

Sooner or later, your student loan award letter will stroll through the letterbox, announcing its arrival with an accommodating array of digits and decimals. These sweet digits will help you travel through the freshers’ universe, and give you freedom of choice when it comes to balancing those hefty textbooks with a mid-week burger and beer. It also gives you the chance come to terms with your finances and manage your money.

 Making new friends

Although life as hermit may initially seem inviting, stepping out of your comfort zone and into the shared living room of your halls is the first step towards making fresh friendships and new memories. It can be daunting being a fresher, you may have left behind life-long friends or be miles away from home, but giving yourself the chance to meet new folks and expand your social network is hugely important to understanding and navigating the challenges and triumphs of student life. You could meet the love of your life, or a new BFF, but whomever you decide to share that last slice of Papa John’s with, embrace the diversity of the freshers around you, and make the most of your new friendships.


As a fresher, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in unknown territory and nervously approaching new people and experiences can be a challenge. That’s why many students see their time as a fresher as clean slate and a chance to reinvent themselves. Although you may have spent much of your adolescence trying to forget that time you wet yourself during dodge ball in primary 4, this will no longer be the case. Being a fresher provides you with the opportunity to express your individuality and find like-minded people who admire your character over your past indiscretions. Your journey as a fresher can be one of the most valuable and cathartic ways of presenting your best self to the world.

Fancy dress

There’s also another type of reinvention that you can embrace whole-heartedly as a fresher. Amidst the foam and paint parties that shower your first year fond memories and stinging eyeballs, you will find yourself in an array of embarrassing outfits that you will don in public. If it’s always been your dream to prance through your park dressed like Thor, then prepare yourself to have that dream fulfilled.

Joining a society

Joining societies, clubs or groups while studying is also a good way to socialise with people with similar ideas and interests to your own. This will allow you to engage in something you’re passionate about and nurture a hobby, as well as giving you potential opportunities to make new friendships or snazz up your CV.

New opportunities

This year’s Freshers’ Fringe event is the best way to find new opportunities and ways of making your transition into student life a little easier, and a little more exciting. With over fifty events across the city, there will be a plethora of interesting and unique events to explore including boat parties, employment seminars and a coffee roasting master class. So whatever tickles your fancy, the Freshers’ Fringe has got you covered.


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