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Best Mens Trainers for Summer 2019

Stylish Shoes List:

Here is our stylish shoe list for the best mens trainers for summer 2019. These include some of the rarest, the most stylish, or simply the comfiest shoes you can wear this summer.

1. Nike Air Jordan 1 (Retro High Turbo Green)

summer 2019 shoe

The Air Jordan 1 has been one of the most popular trainers for the last few decades. It is the typical ‘sneakerheads’ favourite trainer, and is a requirement for any top trainer list.

This shoe is a high top, which means it’s not easy to rock them with shorts, but if you can pull off the look you’ll be sure to make some heads turn. The Air Jordan 1 High has been out since 1985 which means that there are literally hundreds of colorways to choose from. No matter what color you are looking for, the Air Jordan 1 has it covered. The overall aesthetic of the shoe is so classy that you can get away wearing this to the skate park, basketball court or even to a wedding.

The one downside of the Air Jordan 1 is that right now it’s in peak popularity. Which means finding a pair for retail is somewhat difficult.

2. Nike Air Force 1 Low

best shoe for summer 2019

What can we say about the Air Force 1 Low that hasn’t already been said. This is one of the most classic trainers available on the market today. Best part is that if you are looking for the classic triple white colorway, the retail price is only £75, making it the cheapest sneaker on this list.

This history of the AF1 Low is rich. It has been worn by pretty much every big name in the sports industry. The best part of the shoe is that there are many different versions of it; if you are shopping for the perfect summer shoe that’s inexpensive and works with pretty much anything you could ever wear, the Air Force 1 Low has you covered.

3. Adidas Ultra Boost 19

stylish shoe for summer 2019

The Adidas Ultra boost has been one of the most popular running shoes in the market since its inception in 2015. It is a low top performance running trainer that popularized the insanely comfortable BOOST mid sole. The shoe also features an insanely soft and comfortable prime knit in the upper which makes this one of the most comfortable trainers available in the market right now.

The newly launched Ultra boost 19 has 20% more boost than the previous model and a revamped prime knit which makes the shoe even more comfortable. The new Ultra boost 19 comes with many colors which makes it a perfect candidate for the top 5 summer sneakers. In addition to being insanely comfortable, the Ultraboost is also an extremely good-looking trainer. It’s perfect for lifestyle wear and for rocking any of the latest summer styles.

4. Adidas x Kanye Yeezy 700

Yeezy 700 was first unveiled back in 2017. It is the trainer that started the renewed ‘chunky trend’ which has seen growing popularity amongst young people. As of 2019, this is one of the most popular silhouettes in existence.

As for summer wear, this OG version, also known as ‘wave runner’, is very easy to rock because of its low top style. This means you can wear them with both shorts and jeans alike. Similarly, the fact that it’s so comfortable means you can wear the shoe all day without any issue. It is a perfect summer shoe!

5. Adidas x Kanye Yeezy 350v2

Not much has to be said about this trainer because it has been one of the most popular shoes in recent years and definitely the most popular Adidas trainer on the market. It features a full-length prime knit upper which feels great on your foot. It’s both soft and breathable which offer us a pretty much ‘sock-like’ fit. Underneath the ribbed rubber, you have also got a full-length BOOST midsole which is fairly soft.

However, the main draw of this trainer is the branding. Yeezy is one of the most popular trainers in the world, and was almost impossible to get your hands on in the first few years of its release. Nowadays, the 350 v2 is releasing in a lot more colorways and in larger quantities which means it is easier and cheaper to own.

The Yeezy Boost 350v2 is great for summer because it is low top and you can wear them with shorts. The most recent release is glow-in-the-dark, offering an extremely unique style which is predicted by many to be the hottest and most popular trainer for 2019.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best mens trainers for summer 2019. If you liked our stylish shoe list, then check out our list of some of the best streetwear brands:

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How to get Free Flights | Free Plane Tickets UK Guide

Free Flights: My Story

Last year, I bought 2 return flights to Vienna from London for £0.01p each. That’s right, not £1, but 1p. It was very easy, very quick, and the flight went very smoothly! These were, pretty much, free flights!

How did I do this? It involves a free service called ‘Jack’s Flight Club’. I am not being promoted by to make this article, I simply want to share my experience with them. Jack’s Flight Club is an email service that sends ridiculously cheap flights to you by email a few times each week. All you have to do is sign up for free on the website: Jack’s Flight Club and links to cheap / free flights will be sent to your inbox! They also have a ‘premium service’ for £35 / year, but that is by no means required.

Last year, Jack’s Flight Club sent me this email:

free flights

It turns out Vueling were launching a new flight route to Vienna, and to celebrate they were giving away tickets for as low as 1p each. There were surprisingly many dates available (including in August!), and despite the website being slow due to increased traffic, I managed to easily grab two tickets.

Here is proof of purchase:

free flights

Overall I purchased 2 return tickets for 0.04 CHF (Swiss francs), so these were basically free flights! Now flights this cheap are rare, but when they appear Jack’s Flight Club will send you them!

Other examples of cheap flights I have seen quite regularly include London to USA for £150 return, London to Bangkok for £300, London to Bali for £300, and London to Australia for £400! Sometimes there are error fares that the airline enters by mistake that you are still allowed to purchase, and other times they are just very cheap deals the airline is promoting. Either way, it is an amazing way to bag yourself cheap flights!

They don’t just offer flights from London airports, and regularly have flights leaving from Manchester, Edinburgh, and many other cities.

I think it is an amazing service, and if you are interested in signing up FOR FREE then here is a link: Jack’s Flight Club

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The 5 Best Student Jobs | How to Make Money as a Student

So you want to know how to make money as a student?

If you are looking for a bit of extra income to fuel your pizza eating or cocktail habits, then it may be worth finding a part-time job whilst you’re at uni. Making money as a student is extremely useful, but it can sometimes be hard to know what jobs are best for students, particularly if you have lots of uni work which takes up most of your time. Here is our Freshers Festival list of 5 of the best student jobs you can do to bring in some more cash.

Best Student Jobs:

1. Temporary Work Websites

best student jobs

Websites such as Temptribe are very easy to sign up to. They do not require previous experience, and once signed up you can access a list of hundreds of possible jobs. Then you simply have to find a job and a date which suits you, sign up, and you’ve found some work! It is very flexible, very simple, and a good way to bring in extra money. £8-10 / hour

2. Flyering

best student jobs

If you like to spend your time outdoors, then flyering could be the job for you. Many companies, such as StreetPR, are always looking for students to help hand out leaflets in strategic areas. Some even offer the opportunity to work in sports stadiums, so this could be excellent for those of you wanting to visit some of the amazing football grounds across the UK. £9-11 / hour

3. Tutoring

how to make money as a student

This might not be for everyone, but tutoring can be a very profitable part-time job. You can sign up to websites such as FirstTutors, put in your credentials, and wait for people to contact you about potential jobs. If you are looking for more serious tutoring opportunities, then joining a tutoring company such as The Profs or Athena Tuition could be an excellent option. Tutoring is an extremely rewarding job, and particularly if you studied a maths/science based degree, you’ll find it very easy to get clients! £10-40 / hour

4. Uni work: Get paid to go to lectures!

how to make money as a student

There are often jobs available at your uni, from the local café to student support jobs. In fact, some student support jobs, including attending lectures for disabled students, can be very rewarding. Some people even get paid to attend their own lectures if they are doing the same subject as one of the disabled students. Whilst some might find it boring to transcribe lecture notes, it is a fairly relaxing and flexible job to earn some side income. £8-15 / hour

5. Resident assistant

Living in halls can be expensive, but what if you can get it for free, or actually be paid to live there? Resident assistants act as the ‘on-site manager’ for student accommodation, making sure everything is running smoothly, effectively, and safely. They will contact the owners of the building / the housing agency if they encounter any problems, and are often rewarded with cheaper or free accommodation. Contact your student union or student housing provider to see if any of these positions are available. Cheap / Free Accommodation

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best student jobs to make money as a student. If you are still looking to save money, maybe check out our 5 places to get free food in London:

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Free Food in London | Our Favourite Free Food Apps, Free Restaurants, and Free Markets

How to get Free Food in London?

With all the spending on Pret a Manger sandwiches, Starbucks lattes, and jagerbombs, student budgets in London can be stretched. Free food in London is not easy to come by, but here at Freshers Festival we’ve got you covered. Here is our list of free food apps, markets, and even free restaurants in London!

Free Food London: Our List

1. Free food through downloading apps

free food app

One of the most popular places offering free food for downloading their app is KFC. When you download their app and register, they immediately give you 3 ‘stamps’ on their app – enough to buy you any side, such as 2 hot wings! Then you can just go into KFC, show them your stamps, and get free food! Whilst this only works once, it also sets you up for more free chicken once you collect more stamps. It’s a Finger Lickin’ Good deal!

2. Free doughnut by signing up to loyalty scheme.

free food in London

Krispy Kreme give you a free doughnut just for signing up to their scheme. The scheme also gives you nice deals and treats on your birthday. If you having a sweet tooth and are looking for some free sugar, then this is definitely the deal for you. Access the scheme here:

3. Food markets

free food in London

Food markets are a great place for free food in London. Camden Market offers a range of tasters, including free pieces of fried chicken if you walk past one of the Asian food stands. Once you are in Camden you should also check out the ‘Cheese Bar’ (it is amazing, but not free). Spitalfields market is also an excellent place for food giveaways, and free naan bread tasters are given out at the Indian stand towards the back of the market.

4. Pay-what-you-want restaurants

London is home to certain pay-what-you-want restaurants and cafes, which offer food with no fixed price. One of these is The Brixton Pound Café, which offers a range of surplus food for their vegan and veggie menu. Whilst these are officially “free”, you are expected to give something small for your experience. However, this does not HAVE to be money, and people have been known to offer volunteer services or free marketing for the restaurant in exchange for their food. Here is the website for The Brixton Pound:

5. London Student Events

Student events, hosted regularly across London, are well-known for their freebies. This is particularly common in September and October during the ‘freshers’ period, where universities and other companies organise events offering free food and drink to all attendees. Our very own Freshers Festival in London, for example, offers free Dominos pizza slices, jagermeister, and sweet treats! Sign up for Freshers Festivals in London, Sheffield, and Glasgow on our website!

Freshers Festival London 2018 – Free Dominos Pizza!

We hope you enjoyed our guide for free food in London. If you are interested in money, check out our guide to the best 5 student jobs you can get: